Products of the week 5.20.13

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as BeyondTrust and Convo

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

KnowledgeTree for Mobile

Product name: KnowledgeTree for Mobile

Key features: lets sales teams discover content on iOS devices by industry, pain point, and other business attributes. Salespeople can quickly find the perfect collateral for their sales engagement. More info.

CounterTack Scout 4.0

Product name: CounterTack Scout 4.0

Key features: A cyber defense solution utilizing Deep System Inspection enables organizations to detect, assess and respond to advanced threat attacks. New Stealth Agent powers active defense solutions, including next-gen honeynets. More info.


Product name: ZixOne

Key features: a BYOD mobile app designed to solve the diverging needs of protecting corporate data in email, while allowing employees to maintain privacy and control of their personal devices. More info.

Convo iPhone App 3.0

Product: Convo iPhone App 3.0

Key features: The "all-in-one" team collaboration workspace for your files and conversations - Faster search, scrolling, posting - One-click file and link sharing, bookmarklet - "Sneak peeks" allow multiple conversations - Real-sized, vibrant images. More info.

Barracuda Web Application Firewall

Product name: Barracuda Web Application Firewall

Key features: blocks sophisticated web-based intrusions and attacks that target applications hosted on web servers and in the cloud. More info.

McAfee LiveSafe

Product name: McAfee LiveSafe

Key features: integrates facial and voice recognition technology as part of a cloud based “safety deposit box.” More info.

SolarWinds User Device Tracker

Product name: SolarWinds User Device Tracker

Key features: helps IT professionals identify and track all network devices. New features include whitelisting of safe devices, alerts when rogue devices connect to the network and remote port shutdown. More info.

CORE Insight Enterprise 3.0

Product name: CORE Insight Enterprise 3.0

Key features: delivers multi-vector vulnerability assessment, asset categorization, threat simulation, penetration testing and advanced security analytics, all in the context of network topography. More info.


Product Name: PZFlexCloud

Key Features: supports scientific research and product development by enabling experienced users to realize unprecedented performance and flexibility of use. With CliQr and PZFlexCloud, new users will now have the ability to use the PZFlex finite element software suite on a pay-as-you-go basis without the costs and complexities of building and maintaining capital-intensive physical computing resources.

GFI MailArchiver 2013

Product Name: GFI MailArchiver 2013

Key features: an archiving solution that allows administrators to monitor storage and performance, as well as to monitor employee email habits and identify their email usage personality types. More info.

Content Matrix Migration Express

Product name: Content Matrix Migration Express

Key features: Metalogix Launches Content Matrix Migration Express to help organizations rapidly and cost-effectively migrate content and files to SharePoint 2013 or Office 365. More info.

Retina Plug-in for VMware vCenter

Product name: Retina Plug-in for VMware vCenter

Key features: provides integrated security and vulnerability management tools needed to effectively identify and remediate network vulnerabilities that lead to exposure and malicious attacks in virtual data centers. More info.

Responder Pro 2.1

Product name: Responder Pro 2.1

Key features: Detects latest rootkits, trojans, zero-days and malware variants currently undetected by anti-virus, IOCs and other signature-based solutions. Provides 64-bit analysis, Unicode support and support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. More info.

Network File Trajectory and Device Trajectory for Advanced Malware Protection

Product name: Network File Trajectory and Device Trajectory for Advanced Malware Protection

Key features: enable customers to quickly determine the scope of an outbreak and track malware or suspicious files across the network and system level. More info.

WTI Vertical Mount Automatic Power Transfer Switch

Product name: WTI Vertical Mount Automatic Power Transfer Switch

Key features: An effective, space-saving, automatic transfer switch for high amp, single corded devices in installations where equipment rack space is limited. Mounts to rack post or rear of equipment cabinet. More info.

HP Server Automation 10

Product name: HP Server Automation 10

Pricing: The HP Server Automation Enterprise list price is $1,429; HP Server Automation Standard (Appliance) list price is $799.

Key features: efficiently delivers computing capacity and automating server life cycle management to increase utilization, while reducing manual administration. More info.

HP Operations Orchestration 10

Product name: HP Operations Orchestration 10

Pricing: HP Operations Orchestration 10 is priced by orchestrated node (O-Node). There are four types of O-Nodes: Enterprise O-Node ($400), Network O-Node ($210), Low end O-Node ($50) and CloudFlex 10 O-Node ($2,400).

Key features: allows clients to automate the execution of up to 15,000 simultaneous operations to quickly deploy IT services on a massive scale. More info.

MobileCloud Performance

Product name: MobileCloud Performance

Key features: provides enterprises with insights to end-user mobile application experiences in simulated real-world conditions using real devices and networks. More info.


Product name: AppLauncher

Key features: an ALM platform for enterprise mobility, enabling enterprises to gain insight and control over mobile initiatives and easier management of centralized DevOps and continuous integration approaches. More info.

Appium on Sauce

Product name: Appium on Sauce

Key features: a test cloud for automating mobile app and hybrid mobile web app tests against virtual mobile environments and now with Android support alongside iOS. More info.

NetDocuments adds Apps Marketplace

Product name: NetDocuments Enterprise Content Management Service with newly-added Apps Marketplace

Pricing: The NetDocuments Apps Marketplace is free for third-party developers, customers and prospects. However, the NetDocuments software comes in a variety of packages: $20/user/month for the basic edition, which includes document delivery. $30/user/month for professional, which includes workspaces and metadata tagging $38 for Professional plus, which includes the email management 

Key features: a centralized location for third-party software developers to create apps that streamline workflows, improve performance and integrate with NetDocuments’ cloud-computing content management and collaboration services. More info.

ProcessMaker Open Source Workflow & BPM Suite

Product name: ProcessMaker Open Source Workflow & BPM Suite

Key features: Enables organizations to design and automate form-based, approval-driven business workflows that integrate with existing enterprise systems. More info.

inSync 5.2

Product name: inSync 5.2

Pricing: Ranges from $2.50 per user per month for on-premises edition, to $7 per user per month for cloud-based edition for professional account, which supports up to 5,000 users. Free trials and free upgrades for existing customers available.

Key features: inSync 5.2 extends backup beyond files to include a user’s system and application settings, audit trails for IT data governance. There are new sharing features too. More info.

Eaton 5P UPS

Product name: Eaton 5P UPS

Key features: Eaton expanded its 5P UPS product line with compact tower and 1U models. The units provide up to 99% efficiency, a graphical display and virtualization management platform integration. More info.

APN 3.0

Product Name: APN 3.0

Key Features: Aggregates WAN links and continuously measures path quality in order direct traffic according to a company's application priorities and current application demand. It ensures critical data has the best path and eliminates the effect of WAN outages

Compute-as-a-Service Tiered Storage

Product name: Compute-as-a-Service Tiered Storage

Pricing: • Economy - $0.07/GB/month • Standard – $0.22/GB/month • High-Performance - $0.44/GB/month

Key features: The tiered storage offering provides three tiers of block-based storage to public cloud clients. Based on EMC’s VNX storage and SSD caching, it enables businesses to increase cloud efficiencies. More info.

Product name: PRTG v13

Key features: The new version of this network monitoring tool has a Single Page Application (SPA) architecture based on HTML5, allowing network administrators to view and digest more information on a single page. More info.

OneID Confirm

Product name: OneID Confirm

Key features:  a customizable two-factor authentication solution that is an extension of OneID's consumer identity suite and built specifically to meet strict security requirements. More info.

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