Symantec rolls out threat-intelligence sharing with Cisco, Check Point, Palo Alto Networks

Symantec this week gave its managed security services customers a way to receive threat intelligence collected by their Cisco, Check Point and Palo Alto Networks firewalls with sandboxing functions in order to apply an update to their Symantec endpoint security software, if needed.

Symantec customers that choose to make use of this new threat intelligence, which would be presented to them if the firewall’s anti-malware sandboxing revealed new zero-day attacks, could apply a protective update to their Symantec endpoint software. But this process cannot be set up for an automated update, according to Piero DePaoli, director of product marketing for endpoint, messaging and security at Symantec. Rather, customers would have to evaluate the new intelligence information and make a conscious decision to push out any new update based on it to their Symantec endpoint security software.

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“We present the information to the customer in the Web console and they decide,” DePaoli said about what’s called the Symantec Advanced Threat Protection capability.

The new threat-intelligence feed that’s coming from Cisco’s AMP sandboxing, Palo Alto’s Wildfire and Check Point’s own sandboxing technology to detect malware called for the vendors to collaborate in a way they hadn’t previously. DePaoli said Symantec views it as a partnership to bring leading network security vendors together with its strength as the market leader on the security endpoint to benefit customers.

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