New products of the week 06.09.14

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Comcast and Safenet

products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.


Product name – CX20952

Key features – Conexant’s new HD audio CODEC enables high quality audio on computers and tablets. The new SoC features low power consumption, two cap-free headphone amplifiers and a fully integrated Class-D amplifier. More info.

StealthAUDIT File Sync and Share Discovery Assessment

Product name: StealthAUDIT File Sync and Share Discovery Assessment

Key features: Identifies where any of the premier consumer cloud storage applications are running across an organization’s desktop and server infrastructure, including Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) and SpiderOak. More info.

Atlantis ILIO for Virtual SAN

Product name: Atlantis ILIO for Virtual SAN

Key features: optimizes storage, dramatically boosting virtual machine performance while increasing capacity and reducing cost. More info.

Comcast Business Wireless Gateway

Product name: Comcast Business Wireless Gateway

Key features: Wireless gateway with integrated modem equipped for dual-band Wi-Fi. SMBs can assign one private wireless signal for back-office and a separate public signal (Xfinity WiFi) for customers/visitors. More info.

Fireware OS version 11.9

Product name: Fireware OS version 11.9

Key features: delivers integration of wireless/wired network security management from a single appliance, in a unified view including everything from coverage mapping to bandwidth management. More info.

DataTorrent RTS

Product name: DataTorrent RTS for Hadoop Version 1.0

Key features: enables organizations to take action in real-time as a result of high-performance complex processing of data as it is created. More info.


Product name – XenaManager - 2G

Key features - is a Windows-based application used to manage and configure Xena’s growing range of layer 2-3 test solutions. This second generation GUI (also referred to as XM-2G) offers significant improvements for improving workflow. More info.


Zerto Virtual Replication 3.5

Product name: Zerto Virtual Replication 3.5

Key features: Zerto added new features to its enterprise-class BC/DR solution, including offsite backup. The new backup feature enables long-term retention of data and applications at the target site in addition to continuous replication. More info.

CloudMapper EM7 7.5

Product name: CloudMapper EM7 7.5

Key features: The latest version lets enterprises see the relationship and dependencies of VMs to storage, to network and to applications, across multiple hybrid clouds. This visual understanding helps IT professionals see anomalies before they cause an impact. More info.

BitTitan Public Folder Migration

Product name: BitTitan Public Folder Migration

Pricing: MigrationWiz: $11.99 per user. Public Folder Migration pricings start at $1.20 for a single GB, with a minimum purchase of 10GB.  $11.99 for 10GB, $23,98 for 20 GB, 35.97 for 30 GB, etc. 

Key features: An added offering to BitTitan’s cloud-based solution MigrationWiz, Public Folder Migration automates the move of shared email folders from one email solution to another, saving time, costs and resources. More info.

Sencha Ext JS 5

Product name:  Sencha Ext JS 5

Key features: Ext JS 5 is a significant update to Sencha’s flagship development platform, Ext JS, allowing developers to easily move desktop apps to mobile. More info.

Console Server with ATS for Mission Critical Applications

Product name: Console Server with ATS for Mission Critical Applications

Key features: An out-of-band console management solution with dual power inlets for mission critical applications that require power redundancy. Includes environmental and event alarms, advanced security and authentication, plus Enterprise Management software. More info.

DDN StorageScaler S8460

Product name: DDN StorageScaler S8460

Key features: DDNTM ultrahigh density SS8460 disk drive enclosures offer up to 40% more density than even the highest density array offerings available today: 6TB drives in just 4U rack space. More info.