New products of the week 06.16.14

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Brocade and Zyxel

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

SafeNet High Speed Encryption Solutions, CN Series Ethernet Encryptors

Product Name: SafeNet High Speed Encryption Solutions, CN Series Ethernet Encryptors

Key features: enable companies to deploy high-speed encryption more cost-effectively for data in motion. The new SafeNet solutions can help reduce high-speed encryption costs by as much as 50 percent and are the first commercial Layer 2 Ethernet encryptors of their kind to offer transmission security (TRANSEC), mitigating the risk of communications interception and traffic analysis. More info.

Economical Remote Power Reboot Unit with ATS

Product name: Economical Remote Power Reboot Unit with ATS

Key features: Low-cost, switched PDU with power fallback capabilities allows out-of-band control of power switching and reboot functions at remote equipment racks. Includes user-defined alarm capabilities, event logging and Enterprise Management software. More info.

Product name: SolarWinds Log & Event Manager 6.0

Key features: With real-time File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), SolarWinds Log & Event Manager 6.0 is an SIEM solution that delivers greater intelligence into security monitoring and remediation at an affordable price. More info.

Panasas ActiveStor 16 with PanFS 6.0

Product name: Panasas ActiveStor 16 with PanFS 6.0 

Key features: As adoption of high-performance computing increases in the enterprise and big data deployments continue to grow in scale, traditional RAID approaches no longer deliver an adequate level of storage reliability. With ActiveStor 16 and PanFS 6.0, Panasas answers the challenges of reliability and availability at scale along with high performance, ease of management and virtually limitless capacity, without compromise. More info.

oort hub

Product name: oort hub

Key features: Through a system of beacons and sensors, oort turns your iOS or Android phone into a remote that can control lights, temperature and keep track of objects, pets and people. More info.


Brocade Vyatta Platform

Product name: Brocade Vyatta Platform

Price: $855 to $12,995 for the vADX Application Delivery product and $155 to $710 for support; $1,995 to $13,995 for vRouter 5400 subscription; starting price for 5600 vRouter is $5,755 for a one year subscription and $6,995 for a perpetual software license

Key features: Leverages OpenDaylight and OpenStack open source SDN and cloud orchestration code. Designed for NFV Connection Services for Layer 3-7 network functionality with service chains including third-party element; SDN Structural Services through OpenDaylight for management and centralized control; and Functional Orchestration from OpenStack and interoperable third-party provisioning and orchestration layers. REST and NETCONF/YANG API support. More info.

Power Assure EM/5’s new Application Performance Monitoring

Product name:  Power Assure EM/5 with Application Performance Monitoring

Key features: offer great insight by helping identify issues across the application stack, allowing correlation of application and device metrics with business events, expediting MTTR (Mean-Time-to-Resolution). More info.

SOLIDserver DNS Blast

Product name:  SOLIDserver DNS Blast

Key features: Industry’s first DNS server to handle 17 million queries per second—about 60 times more than competitors—enabling IT to protect against increasingly aggressive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. More info.

Bomgar 14.2

Product name: Bomgar 14.2

Key features: 14.2 allows IT better control of who can remotely access which systems, when and from where, featuring new Wake on LAN support and Rep Console Device Verification for additional security. More info.

Confer Threat Exchange

Product name: Confer Threat Exchange

Key features: The Exchange is a production-quality TAXII server used to securely exchange information on cyber threats. The Exchange allows users to operationalize intelligence shared across companies using the STIX and TAXII standards. Confer can use the exchange to automatically apply intelligence on the endpoint from sources such as Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC). More info.

PAN Manager version 7.7

Product name: PAN Manager version 7.7

Key features: PAN Manager has an updated user interface and it includes virtual machine instance (VMI) technology through an integration with XenServer. Benefits include, single click provisioning of server profiles and workload deployment. More info.

GFI Cloud (with Remote Control and Remote Access)

Product Name: GFI Cloud (with Remote Control and Remote Access)

Key features: GFI Cloud is an IT platform for SMBs which allows administrators to manage their infrastructure from a single, Web-based interface. The platform now includes remote control and remote access capabilities. More info.


Product name – ZyXEL's next-generation UTM series: Advanced Series (USG110, USG210 and USG310) and Performance Series (USG40, USG40W, USG60 and USG60W). 

Key features - Delivers firewall / VPN throughput, deep packet SSL inspection, sophisticated anti-malware protection and social networking control, the new UTM product line includes the Advanced Series (USG110, USG210 and USG310) and Performance Series (USG40, USG40W, USG60 and USG60W). More info.

Five9 Summer Release 2014

Product name – Five9 Summer Release 2014

Key features - Multichannel agent desktop with social, mobile, chat, email and traditional voice capabilities. Powered by an intelligent technology layer, Five9 Connect, it includes advanced natural language processing and agent assistance tools. More info.

LoadMaster Operating System (LMOS) for HP ProLiant DL

Product name:  LoadMaster Operating System (LMOS) for HP ProLiant DL

Pricing:begins at $2,990 for 1Gb Throughput/1000 SSL TPS ranging to $19,990 for 10Gb Throughput/20,000 SSL TPS

Key features: This version of LoadMaster is optimized to natively operate on the cost-effective, enterprise-class HP DL rack mount servers leveraging their highly tuned capabilities and efficiency. More info.

Atomic Series PX600 and Atomic Series SX300

Product name: Atomic Series PX600 and Atomic Series SX300

Key features: Architected for application acceleration through innovative software, Atomic Series delivers higher performance than typical SSDs in less space, ideal for database and cloud applications, big data analytics, and hyperscale workloads. More info.

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit

Product name: Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit

Key features: protects companies and home users from the growing threat of known and unknown zero-day exploits. Advanced technology protects against vulnerabilities in applications like browsers, Java, document readers and media players -- stopping them from executing malicious code. It works proactively to block typical exploit behaviors and requires no signatures. More info.

Cirrus Files

Product name: Cirrus Files

Key features: As users create new Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, etc in Salesforce, Cirrus Files will create a corresponding folder in Google Drive where users can create and store relevant documents and files. More info.

Barracuda Mobile Device Manager

Product name – Barracuda Mobile Device Manager  

Key features - a free cloud-based mobile device and application management service enables K-12 educational institutions to easily manage 1:1 mobility initiatives by administering and monitoring iOS devices. More info.

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