Maître d' to Benioff: No lunch for you

062714blog benioff4

As his tweet above indicates, billionaire CEO Marc Benioff was deemed unworthy of lunch today by the maître d' of a Paris restaurant.

Benioff did not share the offered reason with his 107,000 Twitter followers, so a few of them felt free to speculate and offer advice:

  • “There's a height limit?” (Benioff is tall; I’ve seen him described as 6-foot-5.)
  • “Wearing sneakers?”
  • “Gotta be dress code. Those Parisians make exceptions for nobody.”
  • “The @richardbranson model for such situations is to just buy the place :-).”

 The “real life Seinfeld” reference, in case you didn’t know, is a nod to the notorious “Soup Nazi.”

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