New products of the week 06.30.14

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Juniper and Tibco

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Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

BitSight Security Ratings for Benchmarking

Product name: BitSight Security Ratings for Benchmarking

Key features: Security Ratings for Benchmarking delivers a continuous, data-driven measure of security performance, giving businesses a quantified baseline and comparative data. More info.


Product name: FollowMe

Key features: reduces today’s complex, costly and time-consuming scripting procedures down to one click, allowing developers to run scriptless, large-scale performance tests in real-time by virtually crowdsourcing up to 1 million users. More info.

Self Defending Applications

Product name: Self Defending Applications

Key features: Bluebox Security’s mobile data security solution now includes self-defending applications, SAML 2.0 support and packaged integration with Okta and OneLogin to securely enable mobile for both IT and the end user. More info.

Corero SecureWatch Analytics

Product name: Corero SecureWatch Analytics

Pricing:  Included with purchase of Corero DDS starting at $22,000 and SmartWall TDS, starting at $250,000 for 40Gbps configuration.

Key features: leverages data from Corero’s First Line of Defense solutions to provide turn-key visibility into DDoS and cyber threats via comprehensive, security dashboards in a Web-based security analytics portal. More info.

Juniper SRX Series Services Gateway with AppSecure

Product name: Juniper SRX Series Services Gateway with AppSecure

Key features: Juniper Networks announced powerful new capabilities in its Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) solutions for protecting the enterprise edge, offering added security, control and efficiency while being easier to deploy and manage. More info.

OptiDriver Optical Transport Platform 12 and 16 slot chassis

Product name: OptiDriver Optical Transport Platform 12 and 16 slot chassis

Key features: The new OptiDriver chassis are optimized to address the unique bandwidth and management needs of smaller 10G and 100G networking environments that may have limited space for equipment. More info.

Network Box USA Managed Cloud Email Security Solution

Product Name: Network Box USA Managed Cloud Email Security Solution

Key features: Protects organizations against email malware, spam, phishing, spyware, zero-day threats, and more. Features a comprehensive set of security capabilities and is ideal for all types of organizations across a range of industries. More info.

Nexgate’s Social Password Lockbox

Product name: Nexgate Social Password Lockbox

Key features: a cloud-based solution that simplifies social password management for IT administrators while adding an extra layer of security to their social channels. More info.

Opengear’s new IM4248-2-DAC-X2-GS-US remote infrastructure manager

Product name: IM4248-2-DAC-X2-GS-US

Key features: gives enterprise users Sprint-certified cellular connectivity for accessing remote networks, servers, and power infrastructures in high density computing environments. More info.


Product name: OPSWAT GEARS

Key features: The GEARS application provides home users and IT professionals a tool that quickly detects if a machine is compromised and provides greater visibility into the status of installed applications. More info.

Goverlan Remote Admin Suite v8

Product Name: Goverlan Remote Admin Suite v8

Key features: The only systems management solution to have a combined real-time & database-driven query engine allowing users to get data from both on-line and off-line machines, giving them a more complete and accurate snapshot of their environment. More info.

Sookasa Secure Link Sharing

Product name – Sookasa Secure Link Sharing

Key features – Encrypted content on public cloud is securely shared using file links, with no receiver downloads or setup. Also support extended for encryption, compliance and access control to Android devices. More info.

ThreatAnalyzer 5.1

Product name: ThreatAnalyzer 5.1

Key features: enables organizations to recreate their entire application stacks – including virtual and native environments – in which to detonate malicious code and discover how malware will behave on their networks. More info.

TIBCO LogLogic

Product name: TIBCO LogLogic

Key features: The latest version provides real-time log and machine data management with a centralized enterprise data source, which improves operational intelligence by easing deployment and boosting time-to-insights. More info.

Secret Server 8.6

Product name: Secret Server 8.6

Key features: expands password security beyond the IT department, enabling users without a background in IT security to easily store passwords and manage their own work-related credentials. More info.

New Forward! by Unisys Model 4120

Product name: Forward! by Unisys Model 4120

Key features: uses Intel Xeon Processor E7 to deliver nearly four times the performance of the first-generation Forward! platform for cloud, big data and analytics applications. More info.

Unitrends Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Product name: Unitrends Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Key features: Unitrends’ new hybrid cloud DRaaS offering enables customers to perform on-site backups with instant recovery of physical and virtual environments and then continuously replicate their data, systems and applications to the cloud through the company’s No Limits Cloud service. More info.

Violin Concerto 7000 All Flash Array

Product Name: Violin Memory Concerto 7000 Series All Flash Array

Key features: combines Violin's 6000 Series storage hardware (35-70 TB), updated controller software and integrated enterprise data services including synchronous and remote asynchronous replication, stretch metro cluster capabilities, data protection, snapshots and thin provisioning. More info.

Remote Console Access for DC Powered Environments

Product name: Remote Console Access for DC Powered Environments

Key features: Access console port command functions on remote network elements in DC powered environments. 24-port and 40-port models available.  Includes monitoring and alarm functions, event logging and enterprise management software. More info.

Aryaka CDN

Product name: Aryaka CDN

Key features: Aryaka released the first CDN purpose-built for the enterprise, a solution that combines a private core network with caching, compression and TCP Optimization built on globally distributed points-of-presence. More info.

Qubell, Enterprise Edition

Product name: Qubell, Enterprise Edition

Key features: Qubell is an enterprise devops platform that features one-click deployment of applications, test sandboxes and upgrades while featuring a self-service portal for collaborative release management.

Mobile Application Assessment

Product name:  Mobile Application Assessment

Key features: Within 48 hours customized Mobile Application Assessment identifies and measures exposures in app binaries. Initial assessments reveal high exposure to reverse engineering and code tampering in 90%+ of cases. More info.

Barracuda NG Firewall version 5.4.3

Product name – Barracuda NG Firewall version 5.4.3

Key features - Barracuda NG Firewall 5.4.3 update supports Microsoft deployments of Windows Remote Desktop Services, virtualization, public cloud, application-based dynamic uplink selection, new application usage, risk reports and higher performance antivirus scanning. More info.

Driven 1.0

Product name: Driven 1.0

Key features: An application performance management product for data-centric applications. Provides insight on workflow, performance, history and error alerts. More info.

The Cyphort Advanced Threat Protection Platform version 3.0

Product name: The Cyphort Advanced Threat Protection Platform version 3.0

Key features: includes automation that ranks attacks by severity, progressions and relevance. More info.

Policy Optimizer

Product: Policy Optimizer

Key features: Helps organizations rapidly improve network security device rules and policies in response to changing threats. Automates what traditionally has been a manual and fragmented process, empowering security teams to engage directly with key stakeholders to gather data and validate rule requests, eliminate unneeded rules, and make implemented rules more targeted, productive and effective. More info.

Team-based Log Annotations and Shareable Dashboards

Product name: Team-based Log Annotations and Shareable Dashboards

Key features: Brings team-based annotations, shareable dashboards, and group notifications to log-level data so DevOps teams can enrich machine log data to fully understand the context of log events. More info.

The SmartNA-X NPB

Product name: SmartNA-X

Key features: now includes packet slicing, delivering further efficiencies in transferring packets to analysis devices, and enables network managers to keep the network at top performance while providing security of communications. More info.

StealthSEEK v2.2

Product name -  StealthSEEK v2.2

Key features - StealthSEEK is a tactical sensitive data discovery solution designed to identify and secure unprotected and improperly stored files containing sensitive and proprietary information across unstructured data repositories. More info.

The Tufin Orchestration Suite

Product name: The Tufin Orchestration Suite

Key features: Version R14-2 Brings Network Segmentation Control and Central Exception Management into the Network Change Process. More info.

Product name: Cloud Management Suite (CMS)

Key features: Verismic’s Cloud Management Suite (CMS) is an agentless, cloud-based endpoint management solution that can easily scale up to 3,000 endpoints—revolutionizing the way IT professionals engage in endpoint management. More info.

Zendesk Insights

Product name: Zendesk Insights

Pricing: Insights is available to customers for no additional fee on the Plus ($59 per agent/month), Enterprise ($125 per agent/month) and Enterprise Elite ($195 per agent/month) pricing plans as a core feature of Zendesk's customer service platform.

Key features: Insights delivers easy-to-understand visualizations and reports that quickly allow any organization to measure the effectiveness of their customer support, benchmark themselves against industry peers and better understand their customers. More info.

Archive App on Hadoop 2.0

Product name: Archive App on Hadoop 2.0

Key features: The RainStor Archive Application on Hadoop 2.0 enables organizations to most efficiently and securely store and query high value data. Performance optimized and enabled through the widest range of tools (interactive SQL, XQuery, Hive, etc.), RainStor activity is monitored using Ambari and workload on the cluster is managed using YARN. More info.

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