New products of the week 07.07.14

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Fleetmatics and Array Networks

products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Product name: Open Threat Exchange (OTX) ThreatFinder

Key features: OTX ThreatFinder gives better visibility into networks, with interactive threat map capabilities and the ability to upload raw logs to analyze and monitor for compromised systems and malicious communication. More info.

AVX10650 Multi-Tenant Application Delivery Controller

Product Name: AVX10650 Multi-Tenant Application Delivery Controller (ADC)

Key Features: The AVX10650 supports eight independent ADC instances, each with dedicated CPU, SSL, memory and I/O, providing each instance with guaranteed 7Gbps throughput, 8.5K 2048-bit SSL TPS and 4Gbps SSL throughput. More info.

Biscom Verosync with FIPS Certification

Product name:  Biscom Verosync with FIPS Certification

Key features:  An enterprise-class file synchronization and sharing solution, which has undergone the FIPS evaluation process in order to have its cryptographic module accredited and certified as meeting the FIPS 140-2 standards as defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). More info.

Fleetmatics WORK

Product name: Fleetmatics Work

Key features: is a cloud-based scheduling and dispatch tool, which syncs the work in your office with your fieldworkers. Customer information, invoices, inventory and service history are stored in the cloud so users can dramatically reduce the amount of paperwork needed to keep business moving efficiently. More info.

PureApplication Service on SoftLayer

Product name: PureApplication Service on Softlayer

Key features: allows clients to easily automate the deployment, management and monitoring of traditional applications in an off-premises Softlayer cloud while minimizing risk, cost and time. More info.

Economical 4-Outlet Switched PDU with Alarm Functions

Product name: Economical 4-Outlet Switched PDU with Alarm Functions

Key features: A full featured, four-outlet switched PDU that provides remote power switching and reboot capabilities at a budget price. Includes alarm functions, event logging capabilities and enterprise management software. More info.

Mobile Identity Connect

Product name: Mobile Identity Connect

Key features: is a service that enables mobile developers to seamlessly secure mobile, tablet, and responsive Web apps with any enterprise identity system. More info.

Lastline Enterprise

Product Name: Lastline Enterprise

Key features: is advanced malware protection across Web, email and mobile with next-generation sandboxing technology. New features include improved analysis engine, malicious Java detection, incident response coordination, reporting and customization. More info.

APCON IntellaFlex 3288-XR Switch with WebXR

Product name: APCON IntellaFlex 3288-XR Switch with WebXR

Key features: High availability, scalable network monitoring switch: 288 non-blocking 1G/10G ports, web-based management software, packet aggregation, filtering and manipulation, rate conversion, load balancing, 40G trunking, easy maintenance with hot swappable modules. More info.


Product name: Mettl

Key features: Mettl enabling companies to conduct customized online recruitment pre-screening, candidate and employee skills assessment, training, certification programs, proctored exams and contents. More info.


Product name: oneSpace

Key features: NComputing oneSpace is a unified workspace solution that enables IT to unify and securely deliver applications and files as a service to a variety of devices, including iPad and Android tablets. More info.


Product name: LiveTCP

Key features: LiveTCP optimizes TCP performance for a wide range of networks and applications and reduces the user interface (UI) lag associated with connecting to remote desktops using commonly used protocols like RDP and ICA. More info.

Barracuda Firewall version 6.5

Product name – Barracuda Firewall version 6.5 

Key features – packages enterprise-grade next-generation firewall technology, including advanced application control, with a simple, customizable user interface. More info.

Citrix Convoi

Product name: Citrix Convoi

Key features: Citrix Convoi  lets anyone instantly create and join conference calls and send group texts – no logins or PINs needed. No app required for participants! It’s free, unlimited and easy – just one tap and start chatting away. More info.

GreenSQL Database Security and Compliance

Product name: GreenSQL Database Security and Compliance

Key features: GreenSQL's database security and compliance platform secures sensitive data from cyber-attacks. More info.

Zend Server 7 Featuring the All-New Z-Ray

Product name: Zend Server 7 Featuring the All-New Z-Ray

Key features: Zend Server 7 includes the all-new Z-Ray, which gives unprecedented, in-context visibility inside apps, by showing in real time exactly what happens to construct each page. More info.

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