Comcast Business survey highlights importance of mobility for UC users

Ease of call management, scalability, continuity also very important

Comcast Business recently released results of a poll highlighting what capabilities users are looking for in their unified communications (UC) solution, and nearly one-third of respondents said that mobility is the most important capability. The poll, conducted in Q1 2014, asked 633 relevant LinkedIn professionals what they look for in a UC solution.

The results:

  • 32% − Mobility features
  • 26% − Ease of call management
  • 22% − Scalability
  • 17% − Business voice continuity
  • 3% − Other

We followed up on the survey with John Guillaume, VP Product Management at Comcast Business, and he verified that the poll results matched feedback from his customers. Comcast Business offers Business Voice Edge as a cloud-based solution, and it includes full-fledged PBX features, including UC and mobility.

With the “sweet spot” for businesses with 10 to 100 employees, the Comcast Business Voice Edge service has been in place nationwide for two years, with mobility features available for about a year that have proven to be very popular. Like most other UC services, call management is provided on a web-based, desktop (or mobile device) toolbar; integration is provided with Outlook, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. We then asked Guillaume how Comcast’s expansion of the Xfinity hot spot network (with three million free hotspots available nationwide to Xfinity subscribers) fit into the Comcast Business voice mobility strategy. Guillaume noted that “with Wi-Fi and LTE becoming more reliable [his company] “is exploring all options for using [the] Wi-Fi network.” However, he continued to say that “the first step is to give customers a great experience on the data side.”

Finally, we asked if he was noticing mobile voice services emerging as a substitute for traditional “desktop” business voice in the SME market -- and he noted that he has not seen “cord cutting” as a trend among business users. Our thanks to Comcast Business for sharing their survey results and for sharing UC trends observed in their user base.

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