Best crowdfunded project ever: Potato salad. Goal: $10. Pledged (so far): over $57,000!

A Kickstarter crowdfunded project for some guy to make potato salad for the first time has gone viral and slightly exceeded its goal.

Potato Salad
Zack Danger Brown

If you were going to go for crowdfunding what sort of project do you think you might put forward? Something techie, like Adapteva’s supercomputer on a chip (successfully funded with $898,921 pledged on a $750,000 goal)? Or maybe something in the bio world, such as a delightful project to explore the mushrooms of Madagascar (successfully funded with $7,682 pledged on a $5,000 goal)? 

Kickstarter pitch for Mushrooms of Madagascar by Jackie Shay

But how about being different? How about something really simple in the culinary world with a goal of, say, a measly $10? That’s right, that’s no mistype; that really is ten dollars.

The dream (if such it is) belongs to one Zack Danger Brown (and that is, apparently, his real middle name) and his project is to make -- and I am not making this up -- potato salad for the first time.

Mr. Brown launched his Potato Salad Kickstarter campaign a mere 6 days ago and with 24 days left has slightly exceeded his original $10 goal … by $57,467. 

Mr. Brown’s original pitch was simplicity itself:

I'm making potato salad.

Basically I'm just making potato salad. I haven't decided what kind yet. 

That was it. And to everyone’s surprise, most likely to Mr. Brown’s most of all, the delightful silliness of it went viral and thus, as of writing, 4,613 backers have committed a total of $57,477 to make Mr. Brown’s dreams come true. That total, as of now, exceeds Mr. Brown’s goal by 574,942%.

The pledge levels and their corresponding rewards are amusing and start with $1 getting you:

With your help, we'll be on our way to a successful potato salad. You will get a 'thank you' posted to our website and I will say your name out loud while making the potato salad.

While the princely sum of $50 will deliver:

POTATO SALADS OF THE WORLD: Receive a recipe book with potato salad recipes inspired by each country where we have a backer along with a bite of the potato salad, a photo of me making the potato salad, a 'thank you' posted to our website and I will say your name out loud while making the potato salad. The recipe book will have a dedication page with the name of each of our backers.

Exactly how Mr. Brown will ship bites of potato salad (a reward that is included for all pledges of $3 or more) to his backers is, as yet, unresolved.

The incredible support for such a whimsical goal is a testament to Internet users’ sense of humor and, curiously, a number of bloggers have sniped at the project simply, I suspect, because they didn’t think of this gag first.

Anyway, should you feel you need to support this brave culinary excursion into the realm of potatoes, mayonnaise, and possibly dill (the exact formulations have yet to be revealed) there’s plenty of time … the better part of a month. 

If backers keep showing up then at the current rate “Potato Salad” will, by the end of the campaign, hit something in excess of $287,000. These had better be the best potato salads in the history of cooking. No pressure, Mr. Brown.

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