The cloud has made it to Hollywood and “nobody understands it”

New Cameron Diaz movie pokes fun at cloud tech

You know a technology is mainstream when Hollywood starts poking fun at it. So, cloudies rejoice. The cloud has made it.

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The upcoming movie “Sex Tape” stars Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel; the couple make a sex tape, which goes missing. Then this happens:

Cameron Diaz: “How do you forget to erase your sex tape?”

Jason Segel: “It kept slipping my mind and then the next thing I knew it went up - it went up to the cloud.”

Diaz: “And you can’t get it down from the cloud?”

Segel: “Nobody understands the cloud. It’s a mystery!”

And there you go, the cloud has made it in Hollywood. Not in the most glamorous light, but hey, cloudies will take what they can get.

And perhaps there are some lessons here. 1) Don’t make sex tapes 2) Putting data in the cloud is easy, getting it back is a whole different story.

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