Internet of Things spawns horde of imitators

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This was inevitable: Endless hype about the Internet of Things has produced an endless string of imitators; the Internets of This, That and Whatever.

There is the Internet of Newsletters, which is devoted to … go ahead, take a wild guess.

The Internet of Caring Things feels your pain. So, too, does the Internet of Pain, especially when “suffering goes viral.”

The Internet of Odd Future Remix seems to be a song, which, presumably, can be heard on the Internet of Sound.

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The Internet of Big Things laughs at your Internet of Puny, Insignificant Things, especially The Internet of Nano-Things.

Everyone mocks the Internet of Thingies.

And that’s not to be mistaken for the Internet of All Things, which isn’t Cisco’s Internet of Everything, mind you. No, we’re talking all things here.

But if you’re thinking “things” means only tangible things, perhaps you should meet the Internet of the Mind: “This website is about the role of our subconscious mind in constructing our world in ways that best suits our internal functioning and how YOU can change your internal functioning, at the biological level, in order to bring more serenity and success to your life.”

Make that the Internet of Gobbledygook.

There’s a guy who has a blog called The Internet of Things and Other Things. Clever.

As for the Internet of Money? That would be Bitcoin.

The Internet of Cops is Coming … and it has Tasers.

The Internet of Very Dumb Things is just a headline and the Internet of Customers is just a Salesforce marketing slogan.

On a tangential note, one blogger asks: “Who will be the Google of the Internet of Things?”

My guess would be Google, but I didn’t read the post.

The Internet of People is 100 consultants consulting about the Internet of Things.

A headline asks “What is the Internet of Food?” Apparently it’s some Cisco exec poking his nose into your refrigerator.

“How about the Internet of *These* Things?” asks a blogger who lists diapers among the things missing from the commonly understood Internet of Things.

Not only is there an “Internet of Weed” but it needs to be encrypted, say some. I guess that makes sense.

Computer scientists are building an Internet of Dogs for emergency rescues.

Finally, there is the Internet of Frames, which “is a concept from Quantel,” according to the narrator on this YouTube video that produced not many views but one priceless comment: “Yay! My dad talks about stuff I don't understand!”

That’s OK, son, there are lots of things on the Internet that defy understanding.

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