New products of the week 08.04.2014

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as EMC and RSA.

Products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Second Generation Virtual Appliance

Product name: Second Generation Virtual Appliance
Key features: significant improvements in protection and recovery speeds, without the need to purchase onsite hardware. More info.

Good Technologies

Product name: Good Mobility Suite ($15 per user, per month)

Key features: offers a comprehensive platform for complete mobility management including building, deploying, managing and supporting mobile apps and devices.

Product name: Good Collaboration Suite ($10 per user, per month)

Key features: offers IT powerful tools to manage mobile service quality including Good for Salesforce1, secure instant messaging and mobile content management.

Product name: Good Professional Suite (free)

Key features: capabilities include basic MDM including jailbreak detection, secure email, remote device wipe and remote device location.

Product name: Good Enterprise Suite ($5 per user, per month)

Key features: Suite capabilities include comprehensive enterprise mobility management including advanced MDM and MAM, secure corporate intranet access and web browsing.

More info.

Retail Cyber Crime Security Analytics Suite

Product name: Retail Cyber Crime Security Analytics Suite

Key features: LogRhythm’s Retail Cyber Crime Security Analytics Suite identifies early indicators of attacks on the payment processing chains of retail organizations with a complete forensic view into anomalous and malicious activity. More info.

Qualys Continuous Monitoring

Product name: Qualys Continuous Monitoring (CM)

Key features: integration with leading SIEM providers and CEF support, enabling organizations to more immediately identify and proactively address potential threats before they turn into breaches. More info.

Economical 8-Port Out-of-Band Console Server

Product name: Economical 8-Port Out-of-Band Console Server

Key features: Secure out-of-band access to console port command functions on remote network elements. Economical 8-port format is ideal for smaller applications. Includes environmental and event alarm functions plus enterprise management software. More info.

Lacoon’s Mobile Threat Management platform

Product name: Lacoon Mobile Threat Management Platform

Key features: gives enterprises the ability to quickly and effectively manage and mitigate cyber threats posed by mobile devices and applications for both iOS and Android. More info.

XL Deploy / XL Release

Product name: XL Deploy / XL Release

Key features: Accelerates the delivery of software from code drop to production to market in agile, automated fashion with insight into the continuous delivery process. More info.

EMC Syncplicity

Product name: EMC Syncplicity for iPhone


  • Free Edition: 2GB = Free; 50GB = $15/month
  • Business Edition: $15/user/month (3 users minimum)
  • Enterprise Edition: Call for details (1-888-908-4276)

Key features: has completely re-built its iPhone app from the ground up with the end-user in mind. New features include: In-app mobile editing;3-D sheet view and transitions;Interface optimized from left to right and right to left thumb swiping; Social features that simplify content access by surfacing most relevant and pertinent content.

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

Product name: SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

Key features: With the new deep packet inspection (DPI) technology and analysis of Network Performance Monitor, network engineers will now be able to quickly identify, classify and analyze application latency issues to determine if they stem from the network or the application. More info.

LightCyber’s Magna platform

Product name: LightCyber Magna

Key features: combines network and endpoint analysis into a single real-time detection platform to identify and mitigate attacks. More info.


Product name: RhoMobile Suite 5.0

Key features: RhoMobile is an app development toolkit from Motorola Solutions. It lets enterprise developers create apps to run on iOS/Android/Windows Phone, test them, debug them, and deploy them. More info.

MAXio E-Series PCIe solid state drives (SSDs)

Product name:  MAXio E-Series PCIe solid state drives (SSDs)

Key features: delivers superior capacity, performance and reliability for companies that need to support high volume application workloads. More info.

Product: RSA Web Threat Detection

Key Features: Leveraging Big Data analytics, enables organizations to visualize and analyze millions of user web and mobile sessions to help identify – in real-time – cybercrime threats, business logic abuse and fraudulent activities. New capabilities include: visibility into native mobile application traffic; real-time threat groups; and a new analyst dashboard. More info.

RackWare Management Module 3.0

Product name: RackWare Management Module 3.0 (RMM)

Key features: RackWare added a new cloud-based disaster recovery capability to its cloud scaling and migration solution RMM 3.0. Setup can be done in minutes and provides complete synchronization into the cloud, with failover, and failback capabilities. More info.

IronKey Workspace W700

Product name: IronKey Workspace W700

Key features: Secured with military-grade hardware encrypted protection of the world’s most secure and rugged flash drives, IronKey W700 drives are the first Microsoft-certified Windows To Go devices to be FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified. More info.


Product name: DesktopNow

Key features: manages physical and virtualized desktop environments. New features include enhanced control over admin rights, and crowd-sourced insights into user requirements for proactive policy management. More info.

xFA Smart Choice

Product name – xFA Smart Choice

Key features - An API extension to Authenify xFA, SmartChoice lets enterprises automatically select and prioritize authentication factors available for user login including biometrics, pattern swipe or digital certificate without programming for specific devices. More info.

NetBeat MON

Product Name: NetBeat MON

Key Features: network monitoring and diagnostics delivered on affordable scale; advanced intrusion detection, forensics packet capture, network flow and network analysis; helps inform network management and data protection decisions. More info.

NetBeat NAC

Product Name: NetBeat NAC

Key Features: plug-and-play security solution that automatically blocks unauthorized devices on the network; identifies all devices in real-time, alerting IT administrators to unauthorized devices and quarantining or blocking those devices, tackling IT threats before the network is compromised. More info.