How Aryaka’s global private network speeds access to Internet apps

Managed cloud service offers alternative to DIY or WAN optimization appliances.

data speed apps

If you are trying to improve global access to your applications, you have probably considered one of several solutions: stringing together your own private network, purchasing WAN optimization appliances, or using a managed cloud-based service provider. Figuring out the benefits of each solution isn’t easy and it is hard to test for variations in Internet connectivity, specific applications and other conditions.

But what if a vendor could show you exactly the benefit in a particular use case, so you could understand what they are delivering? That was the idea behind a request that we made of two vendors in the managed cloud space, Aryaka and Virtela. The former responded to our inquiry with a series of tests; Virtela declined to participate.

Aryaka has its own global private network where it tries to make transit and latencies more predictable than the general Internet. They have points of presence in dozens of cities around the world and connect them with multiple redundant links.

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