Review: Citrix Xen Mobile rates a spot on your MDM short list

XenMobile 9.0 delivers topnotch features, granular security policies.


When we reviewed six mobile device management products in 2013, Citrix declined the opportunity to participate, but the company has changed its mind with the recent release of Xen Mobile v9.0 MDM. In our testing, we found that the software stacks up nicely against AirWatch and Good Technology, the two leaders from that review, and should be on any IT manager’s short list, particularly if you already use other Citrix connectivity products.

We tested the cloud-based Xen Mobile services, but the on-premises server has similar functionality. To get started, you download the client app, called Citrix Worx Home, from either Google Play or Apple iTunes Stores. Once installed, provisioning a new device happens quickly and a user is taken through the steps to install various pieces of Citrix code and set up their workspace.

You enroll with your email ID and other apps are pushed down to the device to set up the protected containers and specialized MDM environment. As with our review last year, we looked at a variety of old and new phones and tablets running different vintages of operating systems. Xen Mobile supports Android (2.x or better) and iOS (v5.1 or better), along with Windows Mobile devices. AirWatch supports a larger collection of devices.

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