New products of the week 08.18.2014

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Juniper and SilverPeak Networks

products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Honeypot Security Analytics Suite

Product name: Honeypot Security Analytics Suite

Key features: monitors honeypots to track would-be attackers, enabling customers to analyze nefarious tactics and generate targeted threat intelligence that facilitates an ongoing adaptive defense posture. More info.

Remote Relay Control Switch with Monitoring Functions

Product name: Remote Relay Control Switch with Monitoring Functions

Key features: Remote power control and reboot solution for network elements, HVAC systems and other high amp devices. Monitor, log and report current consumption, temperatures, rack conditions and power events. More info.

Cyberoam Central Console

Product name – Cyberoam Central Console

Key features:

  • Centralized policy management
  • and security updates
  • Web 2.0 enabled GUI
  • Intelligent grouping of Cyberoam
  • security appliances
  • Template-based configuration

More info.

SUSE Cloud 4

Product name: SUSE Cloud 4

Key features: full support for the Ceph distributed storage system, including advanced VMware capabilities and enhanced scalability, automation and availability features for easy enterprise adoption of OpenStack and helping organizations maximize IT investments. More info.

Flocker 0.1

Product name: Flocker 0.1

Key features: a lightweight data volume and container manager for Docker. Flocker lets developers easily run their databases inside containers. More info.


Product name: Unity

Pricing: The Unity Cloud Intelligence service costs $5,000 per year. Silver Peak software instances start at $551 per year. The Silver Peak Global Management System starts at $2,764 per year.

Key features: Unity is an intelligent wide area network fabric that unifies the enterprise network, Internet and public cloud. Unity correlates information about cloud services and Internet “weather” to intelligently route traffic. More info.

Cost Transparency Foundation and IT Benchmarking

Product name: Cost Transparency Foundation and IT Benchmarking

Key features:

  • IT leaders can now manage private cloud and third-party vendor costs to determine the true cost of the cloud services and applications they provide to the business – automates AWS bill aggregation and allocation. 
  • Apptio now automates the repeated benchmarking of those costs against industry peers within the context of the entire IT spend.

More info.

DataProtect 4.5

Product name: DataProtect 4.5

Key features: DataProtect enables full server image backups without an appliance or staging drive; first SaaS-based service to deliver complete cloud backup and DR – from files-to-databases-to server images – directly to the cloud. More info.

TCN Platform 3.0

Product name: TCN Platform 3.0

Key features: Platform 3.0 is TCN’s advanced cloud-based contact center suite with a delivery model. Recent upgrades made to the platform range from added agent-customer interaction enhancements to detailed reporting capabilities. More info.

Professional 9

Product name: Professional 9

Key features: The interactive features in Professional 9, including a new “accept or reject” option and integration with Workshare Connect, enable professionals to achieve faster review cycles, increased accuracy and simple collaboration from anywhere, on any device. More info.


Product name – kiteworks

Key features – The updated version of kiteworks includes content connectors that extend access to enterprise content stored in GoogleDrive and Microsoft OneDrive, all from within kiteworks’ secure mobile container. More info.

Zettaset Orchestrator’s Fast-PATH

Product name: Zettaset Orchestrator’s Fast-PATH

Key features:  Zettaset Fast-PATH streamlines Hadoop deployment for the enterprise by automating Hadoop functions including provisioning, installation, configuration, and software testing. Cluster deployment is achieved faster, with less IT intervention and associated cost. More info.

Zend Server 7 featuring Z-Ray on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Product name: Zend Server 7 featuring Z-Ray on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Pricing: All three editions of Zend Server 7 on AWS Marketplace are available 30 days free of charge for the software (AWS usage fees apply). After that, Developer Edition on AWS is $0.03/hr for AMIs up to m1.medium instance types. Pricing for Professional and Enterprise Editions start at $0.04/hr and $0.06/hr respectively.

Key features: Complete with Z-Ray technology, Zend Server 7 on AWS will allow developers to develop better applications faster, deploy them continuously and scale them infinitely. More info.

Quorum onQ v3.8

Product name: Quorum onQ v3.8

Key features: enhanced real-time reporting, Recovery Node startup dependencies, new log to support compliance reporting and more. More info.

Juniper Networks’ EX4600 Ethernet switches

Product name: Juniper Networks EX4600 Switch  

Key features: offer a compact, highly-scalable, high-performance 10GbE solution for enterprise campus distribution deployments as well as low-density data center top-of-rack environments. More info.

Tintri OS 3.0, Tintri Global Center 1.1 and Tintri Automation Toolkit 1.0

Product name: Tintri OS 3.0, Tintri Global Center 1.1 and Tintri Automation Toolkit 1.0

Pricing: Starts at $74,000 per VMstore, $4,000 per system for Tintri Global center

Key features: Smart storage for the enterprise, enhancing VM-level operations for data management with multi-hypervisor support and end-to-end VM-level automation for virtualization and private cloud deployments. More info.

USB Flash Drive Duplicator and Eraser

Product name: USB Flash Drive Duplicator and Eraser

Key features: A portable solution for simultaneously copying one USB flash drive to up to five USB flash drives at speeds of up to 1.5GB per minute or securely erasing up to six flash drives. More info.

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