Tech Industry Job Boom Fuels IT Recruiter Shortage

While companies scramble to fill vacant and newly created tech roles, a shortage of recruiters is adding to the crunch -- making it a good time to become an IT recruiter.

it recruiting

It's a good – no, make that great – time to become an IT recruiter. With an escalating tech talent war, businesses are scrambling to find recruiters to fill vacant positions, says Sara Ferraioli, partner and general manager at WinterWyman, a Boston-based recruitment and contract staffing firm.

Finding the Talent to Find Talent

"Recruiters are in really high demand right now," says Ferraioli. "Companies are looking to hire more as their own businesses grow, but in the midst of this IT talent war, finding talent to find talent is increasingly difficult," she says.

The recruiter profession is unique in that there's no formal schooling or degree, says Ferraioli. Most recruiters land in the position after performing HR roles or administrative support functions for recruiters and finding they have the drive and skills to attract talent themselves.

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