Nude celebrity photos are leaked and “the cloud” is to blame

Now that celebrities have been hacked, everyone is wondering if the cloud is safe

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The latest FUD - “fear, uncertainty and doubt” -related to cloud computing is coming straight out of Hollywood.

According to multiple media reports, the “cloud” accounts of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Selena Gomez and dozens of other A-list movie and television starts have been apparently hacked and some scandalous photos have emerged.

 “The cloud” is to blame. The BBC reports that that “FBI investigates 'Cloud' celebrity picture leaks.” The TIME sub-headline reads “Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton among the victims of hacking from a cloud-based data storage network.” It has led websites like Mashable to ask, “After celebrity photo hack, how safe is the cloud?” and has left ABC wondering: “After nude photo hack, should cloud users be worried?”

The cloud is not safe! The sky is falling! People who make millions of dollars to have their photos taken have photos of themselves leaked. Ahh!!

It gets worse. The photos originated on the site 4Chan and the user who did it says he or she has more beans to spill, specifically videos. But, according to TIME, the user will only supply that material in exchange for BitCoins.

With nude celebrity photos, the cloud, 4Chan and BitCoins - this has the makings of a true Hollywood blockbuster.

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