Netflix looking to hire a ‘Chaos Engineer’

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Here’s a job offering you don’t see every day (asterisks mine): “Netflix is hiring a ‘Chaos Engineer’ … Basically, somebody to go in and f**k s**t up to prove we can recover. Ping me for details!”

The “recruiter” in this case is Dan Woods, a senior software engineer at Netflix, and the “listing” was in the form of a tweet, which elicited a string of wisecracks – and a few expressions of interest -- from the Twitter crowd:

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Netflix is no stranger to chaos. In 2012 the company released the source code for Chaos Monkey, the first of its Simian Army collection of cloud testing tools.

(Note: Hat tip for the top photo inspiration goes to Erik Gumbel, @Holocryptic on Twitter. And for those who don’t know, that’s Stephen Stucker from the 1980s Airplane! movies pictured.)

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