How could I have missed Jenna Elfman?

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I really liked “Dharma & Greg,” an ABC sitcom that ran from 1997 until 2002.

OK, truth be told, I really liked Dharma, portrayed by actress Jenna Elfman.

Yet despite that appreciation, I failed to recognize Elfman last week after watching (multiple times) and writing about this YouTube video chronicling AT&T’s old “You Will” television ad campaign, which aired in 1994, or a few years before Dharma made Elfman a TV star:

Paying closer attention was longtime Buzzblog reader George Grenley, who in an email otherwise packed with observations about ’90s-era technology noted: “The woman tucking the baby in looks familiar (at 0:50). Future actress Jenna Elfman, maybe?”

Definitely, as was confirmed after about 30 seconds on Google and Wikipedia.

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