Man arrested on drug charges after butt-dialing 911 ... and this happens a lot

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A Tennessee man is facing minor criminal charges after his butt-dialing 911 allowed police to overhear a restaurant conversation in which he allegedly discussed visiting a drug dealer.

And before you say something like “no way” or “get out” or whatever, please be advised that butt-dialing 911 leads to police overhearing stuff that gets people arrested all the time. Or so say the police and Google.

In Tennessee last Friday, the bummed-out butt-dialer was charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, according to a TV news report. “Officers told News 2 the suspect had no idea he accidentally called 911 until they told him.”

That’s how butt-dialing works most of the time.

Since I’d never heard of such an occurrence leading to criminal charges, I Googled “arrested AND butt-dialing.”  … Jackpot:

  • There’s a Florida murder case in which one of the suspects is alleged to have butt-dialed 911 before implicating himself in the crime.
  • An Oregon man won himself felony drug charges doing the same.
  • Back in Tennessee, the act snagged five people allegedly involved with meth.
  • Two burglars in Minnesota got bagged.
  • Scranton, Pa., drugs again.
  • An Arkansas man butt-dialed his way into a conspiracy to commit murder charge.

And that’s just the first page of search results.

So think about this the next time you’re embarrassed about butt-dialing your ex or the boss: It could be a whole worse.

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