Wearables invade the workplace

Wearable devices are finding a fit in enterprise applications


Between Google Glass and the Apple iWatch, interest in wearables has never been higher. Analysts are predicting that wearable computers will generate more than $10 billion in revenue in 2020, and IMS Research sees wearable sales reaching 170 million devices in 2016.

Deloitte Consulting predicts that 10 million devices will be sold this year alone, representing a $3 billion market largely driven by consumers. However, Bill Briggs, CTO at Deloitte Consulting, says that over the long term, the market for wearables in the enterprise could surpass the consumer market.

"In the workplace, utility trumps fashion, and a single use-case that demonstrates measurable impact and true business value can justify investment. Wearables allow technology to augment workers in places where it wasn’t previously feasible—where hands-free, heads-up awareness is absolutely essential—whether it's for safety, logistics or etiquette."

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