Back to the future: 13 year old video outlines Citrix's plan for the next 10 years

Citrix’s plan for a software defined workplace was first envisioned in 2001

Citrix has a grand vision for how it plans to approach the next 10 years, and it’s all centered around the idea of “software-defined workplaces,” company CEO Mark Templeton told me.

During an exclusive interview with Network World, toward the end of the conversation Templeton mentioned how this strategy is not much different from what the company has been preaching over the past decade, but now with a crisper, clearer message. To prove that, he said I should Google “Citrix Virtual Workplace” and watch the top YouTube video. So I did. You’ve got to check this out. It’s a video that Citrix produced in 2001 to depict what the future of working would be like. And it’s so early 2000s.

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