New products of the week 09.29.2014

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as CA and Cisco

Products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

ScaleArc for Oracle 3.2

Product name: ScaleArc for Oracle 3.2

Key features: new auto failover capabilities that bolster existing Oracle replication schemes to ensure 24x7 app availability. New ACID-compliant CacheX and Read/Write split capabilities increase app performance without app changes. More info.

Fortissimo Foundation

Product Name: Fortissimo Foundation

Key Features: intelligently aggregates all resources of a data center cluster (memory, SSD, disk, IO and throughput) into a massive global name space, bridging all remote compute and storage resources to look and act as if they were local. A3CUBE’s Fortissimo Foundation enables large scale-out applications such as NoSQL databases, Hadoop, Object Storage, and scale-out NAS to deliver significantly faster performance. More info.

Alpha Anywhere 3.0

Product name: Alpha Anywhere 3.0

Key features: is an application development and deployment environment with built-in offline support, allowing transactional business apps to operate effectively while disconnected from a network. More info.

SaaS Application Monitoring (SAM)

Product name: SaaS Application Monitoring (SAM)

Key features: AppNeta’s SaaS Application Monitoring measures the performance, availability, and usage of all SaaS applications across the enterprise, identifying applications in use, providing granular visibility into performance, and troubleshooting impacted services. More info.

Barracuda SignNow version 4.0

Product name – Barracuda SignNow Version 4.0

Key features– supports cloud and on-premises hardware or virtual deployments. New features include suggested content and data validation for signers and integrations with Salesforce, Office365 and Google Apps. More info.


Product name: Base

Key features: is an all-in-one productivity app for sales people operating on desktops or mobile devices. It offers real-time notifications, seamless appointment tracking, instant reporting, and in-depth analyses, all on beautiful dashboards. More info.


Product name: Rändivoo

Key features: Rändivoo is a digital visitor experience system run on an iPad application that helps check-in guests at businesses, eliminating the pen, paper and clipboard process. It is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange and iTunes App Store. More info.

CA Risk Analytics

Product name – CA Risk Analytics

Key features – combats fraud and enhances the checkout process for online transactions using advanced machine-learning techniques to understand normal behavior and fraud risk related to deviation from past behaviors. More info.

Cherwell Service Management 5.0

Product name: Cherwell Service Management€ 5.0

Pricing: $125 per month, per concurrent user (includes maintenance and support).  A perpetual license is $3,500 per concurrent user, plus maintenance and support at $700 per year, per concurrent user.

Key features: is a platform for ITSM easily configured for business and workforce enablement. CMS delivers codeless application creation and new mApp Exchange supports community collaboration. More info.

Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services

Product name: Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services

Key features: Cisco introduced a threat-focused Next-Generation Firewall, combining its ASA firewall with Sourcefire Next‐Generation Intrusion Prevention System and Advanced Malware delivering an integrated threat defense across the entire attack continuum-- before, during and after. More info.


Product name: ClustrixDB

Key features: is the first database built to meet the unique growth and performance demands of e-commerce businesses. ClustrixDB supports massive transactional volume and performs real-time reporting of business performance metrics. More info.

CommVault’s new Private Cloud solution

Product name: Private Cloud Services Design

Key features: helps bring a business to the cloud in as little as six weeks. Helps companies design data protection services to make the jump to private cloud environments. More info.

Delphix Copy Data Engine

Product Name: Delphix Copy Data Engine

Key features: New to the Copy Data Management Market, the Delphix Copy Data Engine, a software-only product built on the Delphix Virtualization Platform, provides leading functionality such as data protection, disaster recovery and data availability. More info.

WebFOCUS InfoDiscovery

Product name: WebFOCUS InfoDiscovery

Key features: is a web-based self-service data discovery tool that empowers users to gain deeper insight from various data sources and better interpret, understand, and retain information through visualization. More info.

The IBM NeXtScale nx360 M5

Product name: IBM NeXtScale nx360 M5

Key features: is a half-wide, 1U compute server optimized for density, flexibility, and performance. More info.

The IBM System x3550 M5

Product name: IBM System x3550 M5

Key features: is a flexible 1U, two-socket rack server designed for a wide range of workloads across diverse industries. More info.

The new IBM System x3650 M5

Product name: IBM System x3650 M5

Key features: is a powerful, versatile 2U, two-socket rack server that can be optimized for big data, analytics and cloud. More info.

MyScript Smart Note

Product name: MyScript Smart Note

Key features: is the only note-taking application that turns handwritten words and math formulas into interactive text, making it easy to edit, search, and take action on your notes. More info.


Product name: JARVICE

Key features: The world’s first cloud platform specifically designed for High Performance Computing and High Performance Data Analysis. Create, render, solve, simulate, or analyze any compute-intensive workflow via web portal or API. More info.

Business VPN Internet

Product Name: Business VPN Internet

Key features: As an extension of Orange’s VPN services, Business VPN Internet is designed to meet the growing demand for high-performance, secure access to Internet-based cloud and Web services through 15 global Internet gateways on five continents. These distributed Internet gateways break traffic out closer to the user to eliminate latency and network congestion. The service provides worldwide network access, virtual firewall protection based on a customer’s security policy, geolocalization and application prioritization. More info.

OutSystems Platform 9

Product name: OutSystems Platform 9

Key features: Rapid application development platform that enables any developer to easily create and deploy apps across iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and web, from a single application design and code base. More info.

The RSA Advanced Security Operations Center (SOC) solution

Product: RSA Advanced Security Operations Center (SOC) Solution

Key Features: is a combination of technology and services that gives security operations teams complete visibility to identify and investigate attacks, the ability to detect and analyze even the most advanced of attacks before they can impact the business, and the tools to take targeted action on the most critical incidents. More info.

Saisei FlowCommand family of Network Performance Enforcement solutions

Product name: Saisei FlowCommand family of Network Performance Enforcement solutions

Key features: FlowCommand is a real-time flow-policy control, analytics and security solution that doubles the usable bandwidth in networks and guarantees no user session will ever crash again. It controls up to 5M flows on a 10G link 20 times/second, and controls every flow according to user-defined policies based on 40 metrics in under a second. More info.

Selligy Opportunity Manager, for iOS and Android

Product name: Selligy Opportunity Manager, for iOS and Android

Key features: This ​industry-first​ tool helps salespeople quickly conduct 'what-if' analysis on their sales opportunities directly from their smartphone, and sync their updates with Salesforce ​in real-​time, while on the go.  More info.

Storfirst Gateway

Product name: Storfirst Gateway

Key features: Storfirst provides highly automated data migrations and go-forward management of cloud-as-a-tier converged storage environments. More info.


Product name: B-Series

Key features: The B-Series is a TCP/IP data optimization solution for the enterprise is capable of increasing speeds by up to 400% across multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops. More info.

VIPRE Business Premium 7.0

Product name: VIPRE Business Premium 7.0

Pricing: VIPRE Business Premium is priced on a per computer per year subscription basis, ranging from $19.80 per computer per year for 25 or fewer computers to $12.30 per computer per year for 250 or more computers.

Key features: has added new features including cloud management for off-network endpoints, automated policy assignment, and faster scanning to bolster security and productivity. More info.

Voltage SecureData Suite for Hadoop

Product name: Voltage SecureData Suite for Hadoop

Pricing: Starts at $40,000 for the Starter Edition and $140,000 for the Enterprise Edition

Key features: Protects sensitive data in Hadoop installations with industry standard, next-generation Voltage Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE) and Secure Stateless Tokenization (SST) technologies. More info.

Switched PDU with Alarm Functions

Product name: Switched PDU with Alarm Functions

Key features: An economical switched PDU, available in 120V and 240V configurations, with eight outlets or four outlets. Includes user configurable event alarms, alarm logging and notification functions plus enterprise management software. More info.

Xamarin Test Cloud

Product name: Xamarin Test Cloud

Key features: Makes it fast and easy for mobile teams to automatically test apps-– throughout the development process— on over 1,000 real devices in the cloud. More info.

Yesware Mobile

Product name: Yesware Mobile

Key features: brings Yesware's microanalytics, data-driven insights and communication tools to the iPhone, so users can sell smarter and close deals faster, wherever they go. More info.

The EdgeMarc 4750

Product name: EdgeMarc 4750

Key features: combines advanced real-time, high availability, management, networking, security features, and capabilities for voice and data services into a single enterprise session border controller. More info.

Mobile App Validation and Analysis premium service

Product name: Mobile App Validation and Analysis premium service

Key features: This service inspects third-party mobile apps carrying a company’s brand name, ensuring they are authentic and authorized, and providing actionable intelligence about potential security threats they may contain. More info.

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