Chambers again dashes EMC speculation

Recurring rumor is the only reliable component of this deal

As he has done several times before, Cisco CEO John Chambers dismissed speculation that his company may acquire storage giant EMC. Reports surfaced this week that EMC was shopping itself around as a candidate for a “merger of equals,” and had talked to HP and Dell about possible linkups.

EMC has been under pressure from a shareholder activist and is facing the retirement of its longtime CEO, Joe Tucci.

As is customary, several others were thrown in as potential candidates, including Oracle and Cisco. Chambers quashed any such possibility:

"If Joe and I were going to do something here we would have done it a year or two ago."

A year or two ago – or four -- Chambers was also swatting away speculation that Cisco and EMC would merge. See you again in oh, say, 12-24 months?

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