Guess how many U.S. lawmakers have a Windows Phone?

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According to a survey conducted by The Hill, about 7 in 10 U.S. lawmakers carry an iPhone.

That’s a higher percentage than the public at large, but scarcely a surprise.

Twenty-eight percent of the pols polled are still packing a BlackBerry, but that, too, is no shock given that we’re talking about the government.

Android at only 9 percent? Seems low (and also tells us some lawmakers are carrying multiple phones).

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U.S. Rep. Suzan DelBene, D-Microsoft

But then we get to Microsoft’s Windows Phone and the question posed in the headline.

How many Windows Phones were found among the 102 lawmakers surveyed?

Only one.

And it gets even more embarrassing for Microsoft when the identity of that lone Windows Phone-toting legislator is revealed.

That would be Rep. Suzan DelBene. She used to work at Microsoft. And the district she represents includes Redmond, Wash. The congresswoman’s office tells The Hill that DelBene’s staffers also use Windows Phones.

Maybe at work they do.

And here’s one other interesting tidbit from the survey:

At least two lawmakers whose offices responded to The Hill — Reps. Howard Coble (R-N.C.) and Ed Pastor (D-Ariz.) — do not use a cellphone.

Instead, Pastor gets messages from his staffers “the old-fashioned way,” his office said, and uses a landline.

As for Coble, “he is 83 years old,” his office said, without further explanation.

There are plenty of 83-year-olds who do have cellphones, of course, though you may be hard pressed to find one with a Windows Phone.

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