New products of the week 10.13.14

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Amazon Web Services and Brocade

New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Console + Power Hybrid with Current Monitoring

Product name: Console + Power Hybrid with Current Monitoring

Key features: Remote access to console ports, power reboot control, power redundancy and current monitoring in a single 1U device. Also includes dual power inlets, advanced security features plus enterprise management software. More info.


Product Name: SmartReality

Key features: Augmented reality app for construction built for iOS and Android. Upload 2D plans and matching 3D models, point mobile device at 2D plans, and view project from a new perspective. More info.

Anturis 2.2

Product name: Anturis 2.2

Key features: is designed for SMBs and web hosters. It offers cloud-based, enterprise-grade IT monitoring and troubleshooting, all in a simple and easy-to-use solution. More info.

Brainshark Sales Accelerator

Product name:  Brainshark Sales Accelerator

Key features:  Sales enablement platform. Tightly integrated with Salesforce. Analytics show managers how sales reps are doing for more effective coaching. Reps can access engaging content in context of their sales workflow. More info.


Product name: SharePlan

Key features: Flexible cloud deployment option that enables IT to deploy SharePlan via a public, hybrid or managed private cloud offering. Also includes improved search functionality. More info.

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer

Product name: SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer

Pricing: $1,995 for SQL Server and Oracle Standard Edition, and $3,495 for Oracle Enterprise Edition, DB2 and Sybase

Key features: SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer 9.0 adds storage resource visibility and correlation, providing database admins with unique insight into how storage I/O issues contribute to poor response time; and adds metric baselining and alerting, which enables DBAs to pinpoint the root cause of performance issues within minutes. More info.

BitYota Vega

Product name: BitYota Vega

Key features: Version Vega delivers BitYota's Data Warehouse Service with data collection framework, an in-database processing pipeline for ELT, enhanced resource management and platform-specific improvements to further boost analytics performance and provide greater power, versatility and convenience to the multi-structured data analytics platform. More info.

Omnipliance WiFi

Product name: Omnipliance WiFi

Key features: captures data directly from deployed access points, enabling real-time and forensic analysis to the most advanced WLAN traffic, including 4-stream 802.11ac traffic. Network engineers can troubleshoot and resolve problems immediately without the need for time-consuming on-site visits to WLAN locations.

Tresorit for Business

Product name – Tresorit for Business

Key features - Combining end-to-end security and usability, Tresorit for Business is the only cloud storage and collaboration security solution on the market creating a zero-knowledge process, protecting data across users, devices and corporate barriers. More info.


Product name: AxonPulse

Key features: A comprehensive network monitoring and testing solution for the enterprise that identifies WiFi performance issues measuring KPI’s like throughput, video quality, download/ upload time and app performance before user experience is impacted. More info.


Product name: Aurora

Key features: a Digital Energy Internet of Things platform that securely connects, controls, and collects facility equipment data. Aurora addresses the most pressing energy management challenges facing today’s critical facilities. More info.

Barracuda NG Firewall version 6.0

Product name – Barracuda NG Firewall version 6.0

Key features – offers customers powerful cloud-based Advanced Threat Detection, and extends secure access on mobile devices. More info.

IronKey Enterprise H300

Product name – IronKey Enterprise H300

Pricing – Pricing starts at $199 for 500GB and $249 for 1TB. Enterprise management licensing fees start at $24 per year for management in the cloud.

Key features - The high-performance and high-security IronKey Enterprise H300 external USB 3.0 SuperSpeed hard drive is the industry’s first drive capable of being managed in the cloud. More info.

Infrascale VMware Backup

Product name – Infrascale VMware Backup

Key features - is available as a virtual appliance that runs with Infrascale’s cloud. VMware Backup protects data residing in VMware virtual computing environments found in the enterprise. More info.

Trifacta Data Transformation Platform v2

Product name: Trifacta Data Transformation Platform v2

Key features: Trifacta v2 increases analyst productivity with Visual Data Profiling and transforms Hadoop data of any shape or size. This includes Hadoop data formats and generation of transformations in Spark and MapReduce. More info.

Good Work

Product name: Good Work

Key features: is cloud-hosted or on-premises Enterprise Mobility Management solution for businesses of all sizes, accelerating entire deployments and enabling users with secure mobile productivity in minutes. More info.

The Apperian Enterprise App Store

Product name: Apperian Enterprise App Store

Key features: manage app lifecycle from onboarding and inspecting to protecting, signing and deploying apps. Now includes app ratings and data about app usage. More info.

RapidMiner Cloud

Product name: RapidMiner Cloud

Key features: provides a way to push analytics processing to the cloud and use 300 popular cloud data services to access analytic processes anywhere in the world. More info.

TITUS Classification for Mobile

Product name: TITUS Classification for Mobile

Key features: provides a secure and separate container for business email and documents. It provides direct access to corporate email, SharePoint libraries and common file sharing services. More info.

LiveHive Sales Engagement Platform

Product Name: LiveHive Sales Engagement Platform

Key features: provides engagement analytics on document sharing, showing what page and how long a customer views any Microsoft or PDF document, even after downloading, and profiles for recipients of forwarded documents. More info.

OmniJoin Private Cloud

Product name: OmniJoin Private Cloud

Key features:  On-premises web conferencing product that automatically controls software updates and upgrades and does not require any special hardware for installation or operation. More info.

Zenoss Layer 2 ZenPack

Product name: Zenoss Layer 2 ZenPack

Key features: delivers monitoring, automatic discovery and modelling and rapid root cause analysis for modern and legacy network devices from Cisco, Brocade, CheckPoint, Nortel, Juniper etc. More info.

Barracuda Copy Site Server

Product name – Barracuda Copy Site Server

Pricing – Starts at $999 for the physical appliance or $699 for an annual virtual appliance subscription.

Key features – is an on-premises device that is available as a physical or virtual appliance that enables hybrid onsite and cloud-based file sync and share. More info.


Dataguise: DgSecure Platform Support for Hadoop-in-the-Cloud

Product name: Dataguise: DgSecure Platform Support for Hadoop-in-the-Cloud

Key features: Dataguise’s DgSecure platform now supports Hadoop-in-the-Cloud, including cloud Hadoop implementation, Amazon EMR, making Dataguise the only vendor that supports 100 percent of the major Hadoop distributions along with Hadoop-in-the-Cloud, traditional databases, files and SharePoint. Big Data cloud service providers, Altiscale and Qubole are leveraging DgSecure to provide protection to sensitive data for Hadoop customers. More info.

Splunk MINT Express and Splunk MINT Enterprise

Product name: Splunk MINT Express and Splunk MINT Enterprise

Pricing: Splunk MINT Express

  • Free Trial: 15-day trial, no matter how many monthly active users
  • Free Plan: 1,000 monthly active users, $0 per month
  • Small Plan: 25,000 monthly active users, $25 per month
  • Medium Plan: 150,000 monthly active users, $200 per month
  • Large Plan: 750,000 monthly active users, $500 per month
  • XLarge Plan: 1.5 million monthly active users, $750 per month

Key features: MINT Express gives mobile application developers analytics on app quality, usage and performance. MINT Enterprise integrates mobile application data with data in Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud. More info.

Brocade 7840 Extension Switch

Product name: Brocade 7840 Extension Switch

Key features: New extension platform that enables enterprises to achieve significantly shorter RPOs/RTOs for restoring data and applications in the event of a disaster, or when performing routine backup and replication tasks. More info.

APC the Back-UPS Connect BGE90M

Product name: APC the Back-UPS Connect BGE90M

Key features: APC by Schneider Electric’s new battery backup solution – the Back-UPS Connect BGE90M – provides the power and protection needed to keep modems, routers, smartphones and tablets running at home or in a small business environment. More info.

APC by Schneider Electric M5BK Power Pack

Product name: APC by Schneider Electric M5BK Mobile Power Pack

Key features: provides convenient battery charging for smartphones and tablets when you're on the go. More info.


Product name: BIME V6


  • Base plan: $490/month covers the needs of most organizations to get started and reap immediate returns with more than 35 connectors.
  • Big data plan: $690/month includes connectors to popular, large data repositories (Big Query, Redshift, Vertica, Vectorwise).
  • New users will get a $500 credit from BIME's technology partner Google by signing up with BIME V6 and Google BigQuery. (Expires March 2015)

Key features:  is a redesigned service that provides pure cloud BI with no strings attached. It empowers users to answer business questions on any device, from any data source, at the speed of thought. More info.


Product name: DynamoDB

Pricing: Expanded free tier of 25GB of data and up to 200 million process requests per month.Provisioned throughput capacity starts at $0.0065 per hour for every 10 units of write capacity and the same price for every 50 units of read throughput. Storage costs $0.25 per GB-beyond the free tier. Transferring more than 1GB of data per month out of the database starts at $0.12 GB per month.

Key features: DynamoDB is a NoSQL database in Amazon’s cloud. New features include support for JSON data, an expanded free tier, additional scaling options, and the capacity to store larger items. More info.

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Product name: MyWorkNow

Key features: is a secure, fast and low-cost client-hosted virtual desktop (CHVD) solution. The CHVD runs locally on the host PC, running completely offline while enabling access to corporate desktops. More info.