New products of the week 10.20.2014

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as CA and Microsoft.

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Products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

102014potw docker

Docker 1.3

Key features: Docker 1.3 delivers digital signature verification for Docker official content repos, the ability to inject new “helper” processes into a containerized applications and an ability to tune container lifecycles. More info.

102014potw duo

Duo API Edition

Key features: Enables developers to add two-factor authentication to their applications quickly and easily. Duo Security automatically handles the operational aspects of authentication, such as key management and provisioning, alerting and reporting, self-service device management and global scalability. More info.

102014potw ciphercloud

Industry Solution Packs

Key features: The solution packs provide full visibility and control of their data to quickly enable financial, healthcare, life sciences, communications, retail and government organizations to address information protection and  governance requirements. More info.

102014potw wti

Remote Console Access Solution with ATS

Key features: Out-of-band access to console port command functions on up to 40 remote network elements. Includes dual power inlets with built-in ATS, alarm, notification and logging functions plus enterprise management software. More info.

102014potw netiq

NetIQ Identity Manager 4.5

Key features: An identity management solution backed by automated identity and access provisioning processes that reduce IT costs and satisfies users' desire for self-service IT, as well as auditor requirements. More info.

102014potw corso

Corso Innovation Management

Key features: Corso’s Innovation Management is a highly customizable, cloud-based innovation management tool to help organizations accelerate the innovation process and quickly build a portfolio of viable ideas for future action. More info.

102014potw ca

CA Unified Infrastructure Management (formerly CA Nimsoft Monitor)

Key features: Featuring a single, unified architecture, the new release of CA UIM boosts IT performance by improving service reliability and staff productivity with enhanced analytics, alerting and cloud monitoring capabilities. More info.

102014potw datameer

Datameer Smart Execution

Key features: Datameer Smart Execution examines dataset characteristics, analytics tasks and available system resources to intelligently and dynamically determine and engage the most appropriate execution framework for each Hadoop workload. More info.

102014potw scale

HC3 – HC4000

Pricing: HC3 three-node system starts at $25,499. The HC4000 starts at $67,499 and includes hardware, software, all features, and first year support.

Key features: The new HC4000 in Scale Computing’s HC3 family of hyperconverged data center solutions provides greater scalability and storage computing power with a 2x increase in virtual machine density. More info.

102014potw predixion

Predixion Insight 4.0

Key features: Predixion Insight 4.0 is a cloud-based predictive analytics platform that enables and expedites the deployment of predictive applications to the front lines where decisions are made. More info.

102014potw esetsmart

Version 8 of ESET Smart Security

Key Features:  Includes Anti-Theft protection and Parental Controls, plus Firewall to shield your identity. More info.

102014potw esetanti

ESET NOD32 Antivirus 8

Key Features:  Explore online with confidence while advanced security features, including Anti-Phishing and Social Media Scanner, work 24/7 to guard against the latest Internet threats. More info.

102014potw oort

oort SmartLED

Key features: oort SmartLED is an energy-efficient smart light bulb controlled via oort’s mobile app, with over 16 million color options and action scheduling up to a week in advance. More info.

102014potw thingmagic

ThingMagic Mercury xPRESS Sensor Hub

Key features: Flexible development platform allowing developers to bring up a functional RFID solution in minutes. Aids engineers having to learn multiple protocols and APIs when building sensing and Internet of Things solutions. More info.

102014potw airtight

Airtight Nano

Key features:  AirTight Nano is a mobile web app allowing individuals with limited IT skills to remotely set up basic Wi-Fi network configurations and security policies while automating more advanced enterprise-grade functions. More info.

102014potw cloudsigma


Key features: As an Ubuntu Certified Public Cloud, CloudSigma now offers fully optimized Ubuntu Server images, including Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Customers will receive management, monitoring and support from Canonical, benefitting from frequent image refreshes for secure installation and patching. More info.

102014potw datatorrent

DataTorrent RTS 2.0

Key features: DataTorrent RTS 2.0 allows organizations to harness the full potential of real-time big data and take action by enabling faster data ingestion and data processing with more timely data insights. More info.

102014potw mindtickle

MindTickle for Sales

Key features: SaaS-based Sales Readiness platform that uses gamification and deep analytics to help companies quickly onboard new sales reps and keep existing reps selling at the top of their game. More info.

102014potw velocloud

Subscription-based WAN Service for Enterprises

Key features: Solves application performance and networking problems faced by branch offices, simplifies branch deployment and ongoing management, and provides greater WAN visibility and cloud-scale analytics. More info.

102014potw logi

Logi Info 11.4

Key features – Logi Info allows customers to embed self-service BI functionality directly into their applications. Business users can choose data from multiple data sources for analysis, create and organize visualizations and formatted reports, and share insights. More info.

102014potw salesforce

Wave, the Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Pricing: The Wave Platform license includes all compute, data management, API and security infrastructure. Monthly subscription pricing for the Wave Platform is based on the number of Wave Explorer and Wave Builder licenses. The Wave Explorer license includes the ability to view, discover, personalize and share data insights and dashboards. Pricing starts at $125 per user per month. The Wave Builder license includes the ability to create, deploy and manage data sets, data connections and user access. Pricing starts at $250 per user per month.

Key features: Wave is Salesforce’s cloud analytics platform. It brings together a dynamic user experience, indexed search and a powerful computing engine into a single, vertically-integrated platform. More info.

102014potw microsoft

Support for Apache Storm in Azure HDInsight

Key features: Azure HDInsight users will now have access to an event processing analytics platform that can reliably process millions of near real-time events using Hadoop. More info.

102014potw graphlab

GraphLab Create 1.0

Pricing: GraphLab Create is available in three pricing editions: Discover edition is free, Develop starts at $169/month, and Deploy starts at $2,500/month.

Key features: GraphLab Create 1.0 is a machine learning platform offering predictive services and deep learning capabilities to allow data scientists to take their ideas from inspiration to production with the same code base. More info.

102014potw preact


Key features: Preact is a plug-and-play, self-service product usage data to spot “unhealthy” behavior trends and action to maximize retention and revenue. More info.

102014potw bluedata

EPIC Enterprise

Key features: EPIC Enterprise is the industry’s first Big Data software that enables enterprises to create a self-service cloud experience on-premises, delivering value in days versus months at a cost savings of 50%-75%. More info.

102014potw barracuda

Barracuda Message Archiver version 4.0

Key features – Barracuda Message Archiver version 4.0 includes cloud-connected archiving, stackable appliances for easy capacity expansion, and Federated Search to provide searchable archives even when email services are unavailable. More info.

102014potw barracuda back

Barracuda Backup version 6.0

Key features – Barracuda Backup version 6.0 includes Local Control, file-level recovery for Hyper-V VHD/VHDX images and support for Microsoft SQL 2014. More info.

102014potw gridvision


Pricing –  Free for companies with up to 100 assets, for accounts with more users pricing starts at $0.50 per asset per month and $0.25 per user per month (volume discounts apply)

Key features – GridVision is a cloud-based IT automation and management platform for MSPs and SMBs, that provides up-to-the minute, simple, extensible and effective automation of common IT tasks with custom business processes. More info.

102014potw spectorsoft

Spector 360 Export Service for Splunk Enterprise

Key features: enables Spector 360 to deliver user activity data and alerts to Splunk implementations. This enables IT security teams to rapidly detect and deter insider threats including security breaches, data theft and fraud. More info.

102014potw talari 2

Talari Cloud solution

Key features: Removes the barriers to the wide adoption of business-critical cloud apps by transforming public Internet links into a secure, reliable, visible and manageable network to access cloud applications. More info.