Quick Look: Ubuntu 14.10

The latest release of Ubuntu focuses on application updates, maintenance and stability enhancements.

utopic unicorn

Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn

Ubuntu 14.10 is the latest version of Canonical’s iconic desktop operating system. This time around the focus is on application updates, as well as maintenance and stability improvements. The Linux kernel has been updated to 3.16, and most applications have been updated as well.

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ubuntu 14.10 install preparation
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Preparing to install Ubuntu 14.10

Ubuntu 14.10 won’t set the world on fire with new features, but it’s likely worth upgrading to if you are already running Ubuntu 14.04. Be sure to read the release notes before doing an upgrade on your system, and see the Utopic blueprint for a list of changes in Ubuntu 14.10.

ubuntu 14.10 install type
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Ubuntu 14.10 install type

You can choose your partitioning options, and whether or not you want to use disk encryption in Ubuntu 14.10. If you prefer you can simply go with the default disk partitioning, or you can set up your disk any way you want.

ubuntu 14.10 install slideshow
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Watch a slideshow while you install Ubuntu 14.10

Ubuntu 14.10 offers an informative slideshow that walks you through some of more useful features and applications. It’s worth watching

ubuntu 14.10 login menu
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The Ubuntu 14.10 login menu

After your install completes, you’ll need to login to start using your new Ubuntu 14.10 system. The login screen retains the familiar Ubuntu look and feel.

ubuntu 14.10 desktop
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The Ubuntu 14.10 desktop

After logging in, you’ll see the Ubuntu 14.10 desktop. All of the usual applications such as Firefox, LibreOffice, the Software Center, and other useful options are available in the Launcher on the left side of your screen.

ubuntu 14.10 home folder
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The Ubuntu 14.10 home folder

If you click the file cabinet on the Launcher, you’ll open up the Home folder. From here you can easily access your documents, downloads, music, pictures, videos and other folders.

ubuntu 14.10 search
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The Ubuntu 14.10 search tool

If you click the Ubuntu icon at the top of the Launcher, you can easily search for applications and files on your computer. You can also browse around for additional applications.

ubuntu 14.10 software center
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The Ubuntu 14.10 Software Center

The Ubuntu Software Center is packed with thousands and thousands of applications that are split into useful categories such as games, graphics, office and various others. You can also find top rated applications, see star ratings for applications, and read application reviews by other users.

Ubuntu 14.10 may not be packed with features, but it shows that Canonical is continually intent on improving Ubuntu under the hood. You can get Ubuntu 14.10 from the official Ubuntu site.

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