The world's geekiest cakes

Android, Intel, Apple iPods all take the cake these days

Nothing says Happy Birthday or Congratulations like a delicious, frosted cake bearing your favorite technology logo, the insides of a computer or a comic book character. So, have your cakes and view them, too.

Friendly competition. Microsoft's IE developers have a friendly tradition of sending Mozilla's Firefox developers a congratulatory cake whenever a new edition of Firefox debuts. For example, this cake was sent earlier this year when Firefox 4 shipped, according to Mozilla software engineer Fred Wenzel, in his blog .

Edible D&D. This Dungeons & Dragons cake designed for a baby shower by gamers no doubt lasted a lot more briefly than your typical D&D game. (Via Jainamsolo )

Tasty Tux. This cake featuring the likeness of Tux the Linux penguin may be a treat only Linus Torvalds and his followers could love. (via Ben Harris-Roxas )

Weeeeeee! This Wii cake, complete with console and controllers, really can put a party in motion. (Via Jefoto )

Marvel-ous cake. This Wolverine cake basically comes with its own cake cutter on top. Just don't slice your tongue eating it.

Intel Core i7 cake. What could be tastier than combining cake and chips? Intel celebrated its Core i7 line of high-end consumer and business multiprocessors with this blueprint-decorated cake.

Something for everyone. These cupcakes are sure to please just about all your geeky friends, even the resident PHP coder. (Via Chris Bannister )

Perfect wedding cake. Pac-Man  and Ms. Pac-Man, the greatest love story of them all, is immortalized in this wedding cake.

Cake code. Code adds at an extra touch of class to this already elegant dessert. (Via Explosivedogdotcom )

Android eats. Google really is everywhere, as this cake featuring the Google Android shows. (Via Langfelipe )

Icing on the iPod. Just be careful with the Click Wheel on this Apple iPod cake. (Via Charliygonzalez )

Old school cake. The question is, just how old is this Atari 2600 masterpiece? (Via Charliygonzalez )

Got an even geekier cake than any of these? Send a photo and we’ll consider adding it to the slideshow!

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