20 high-tech toilets

Lights, music, action! Today's tricked-out toilets have it all

Today's techiest toilets incorporate music players, motion-activated lids, heated seats, washing and drying functions, and more. Aesthetically, designers are creating compact units, raising them off the floor, and hiding the bulky plumbing behind the walls for a sleek, modern profile.


Kohler's striking Numi toilet is full of high-tech features, including a motion-activated lid and seat, integrated bidet, air dryer, deodorizer, heated seat, and illuminated side panels for ambient nighttime lighting. Built-in speakers let the user set the musical tone. Even the user's feet aren't neglected: Floor-level vents stream warm air to heat the floor surface and warm cold toes.

SensoWash Starck

Philippe Starck designed Duravit's SensoWash Starck "shower" toilet seat, which comes with a remote control for opening/closing the lid and operating the seat's numerous washing, drying and heating functions. The seat includes rear, front and oscillating washes and an adjustable nozzle. The user can control water, air and seat-surface temperature, and a night light illuminates the seat at night.


W+W stands for Washbasin + Watercloset, an innovative unit created by the Roca Innovation Lab and designed by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti. The combined sink/toilet system filters wastewater from the sink basin, purifies it in a small treatment tank, and reuses the purified water in the discharge of the toilet cistern. Besides saving water, the L-shaped unit is designed to save space, too.

Swash 1000

There's a ceramic heater built into Brondell's Swash 1000 bidet toilet seat to heat the water, which circulates through multiple valves and nozzles. There's also a warm air dryer, heated seat and deodorizer. With the remote control, the user can regulate water temperature and pressure, seat temperature, nozzle position, spray width, air-dry temperature and deodorizer. The Swash 1000 is designed to fit the majority of existing toilets.


A waterless toilet system, Loowatt uses a sealing mechanism to package human waste into a cartridge, contained within a biodegradable lining material. The cartridge gets emptied into an anaerobic digester, which converts human waste into natural gas (which can be used for cooking or to generate electricity) and fertilizer.

Washlet S400

What does the Washlet S400 from Toto bring to the bathroom? An automatic, hands-free flushing system, sensor-activated lid, front and rear washing, massage feature, warm air dryer, heated seat, automatic air purifier and a remote control.


Toto's wall-hung Aquia toilet is designed to save space and save water. A dual-flush system lets the user select the level of water used each time the toilet is flushed. Aquia attaches to the wall and its tank is hidden inside the framing. It works with Toto's traditional or Washlet seats.

Geberit\'s in-wall carrier systems

Geberit's in-wall carrier systems do the heavy lifting to allow minimalist bathrooms with suspended toilets and concealed tanks. The steel frame system includes an integrated water tank located behind the wall, so there's no visible pipe work.


The Renaissance collection from Simas is just the thing to shake up a boring bathroom. Modern forms, classic graphics and concealed plumbing add up to a luxury loo.


The dual-flush Regio from INAX has built-in lights and music. It also offers an automatic seat, front and rear washing functions, adjustable water pressure and temperature, deodorizer, warm air dryer, heated seat and an automatic flush.

Pressalit AutoClose

Pressalit's intelligent toilet seat isn't the techiest seat in our roundup, but it solves one of the most familiar problems: toilet seats and lids left open. The company's AutoClose seat closes by itself after use. A built-in sensor registers whether a user is present or not. Once the user is out of the sensor's reach, the seat will lower and the lid will close.


New Line's Aqualet is designed to add high-tech features to conventional toilets. The Aqualet seat offers front and rear washing, adjustable wands, automated wand cleaning before and after each use, temperature control and gentle seat and lid closing. The controls are mounted on the side of the seat.


The minimalist Pillow toilet and bidet from NIC Design aren't so high-tech, but they are high-design. The wall-hung fixtures are compact with a distinctly flared profile.

COCO 9500

The COCO 9500 bidet seat from Bio Life Technologies is designed to fit most standard toilets. It doesn't maintain a reservoir of warm water; instead, it heats water as needed, conserving energy, according to the company. Other features include LED lighting, air dryer, massage function and adjustable water pressure and temperature.


The KazubaLoo is a freestanding public toilet system that runs without water, electricity or chemical products. It's designed for installation in places where there's no connection to water or sewage services, such as parks, camp sites, golf courses and beaches. The Kazuba sanitation system is based on the enviroloo, a dry toilet system that uses sunlight and wind to dry human waste, which is then transformed into a safe, odorless material.


Geared for small spaces, the miniLoo from Neo-Metro is designed for use with an in-wall tank and carrier system. It's compact and cool, with a commercial stainless steel finish.


The LaFontana series of toilets and bidets from Art Ceram combines modern forms with bold colors and concealed plumbing.

Rapsel\'s One

Rapsel's One series, designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, conceals traditional bathroom fixtures beneath grates made from larch wood. The toilet, made from ceramic, is positioned to the right of a drawer in this setup. The surfaces can double as seating or shelving, the company says.

Multiclin Premium

The Multiclin Premium from Roca comes with a remote control for operating the seat's washing, drying and heating functions. The user can control water pressure and temperature, air temperature and seat-surface temperature, and an energy-saving feature puts the toilet in standby mode when it's not in use.

Toilet Bike Neo

The seat on this three-wheeled motorbike is one of Toto's advanced toilet models, the Neorest AH3, but (thankfully) the toilet isn't operational. The Toilet Bike Neo runs on biogas fuel, which is made from human and animal waste products. Toto devised this conceptual model to publicize the company's environmental initiatives, and Toilet Bike Neo is currently making its way across Japan as part of a promotional tour. Many publications have erroneously reported the bike runs on waste generated by the rider. (See: Feces-powered motorcycle? Bullsh*t )

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