New products of the week 10.27.2014

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Core Security and SUSE


Products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

102714potw adtran

NetVanta 5660

Key features: The industry’s first converged Layer 2/3 Gigabit access router with eSBC and Carrier Ethernet gateway functionality, enabling providers to support bandwidth-hungry cloud, VoIP and streaming business applications from one device. More info.

102714potw attunity

Attunity Replicate 4.0

Key features: high-performance data replication software that enables organizations to and reduce the costs of distributing, sharing and ensuring the availability of data, meeting operations and business intelligence needs. More info.

102714potw asg

CloudFactory 8.1

Key features: Going far beyond VDI, ASG-CloudFactory Dynamic Hybrid Workspaces deliver apps, content and data via browser in a role-based manner and across desktop and mobile devices. End users can add traditional or cloud-based apps, while receiving a consistent UI they can further customize. More info.

102714potw bluestripe

BlueStripe Performance Center for Microsoft System Center

Key features: delivers a single view for application service delivery - performance dashboards and dynamic application performance maps - all from within the System Center workflow.

102714potw connected

Transporter Genesis

Pricing: 12TB version intended for businesses with up to 75 employees for $9,999 and a 24TB version intended for businesses with up to 150 employees for $18,999. Larger businesses can simply add systems in a grid-like fashion to scale as needed.

Key features: Transporter Genesis delivers the “anytime, anywhere” cloud file access and sharing experience that employees want on private storage appliances that give I.T. full control over location and redundancy of data. More info.

102714potw coreoimpact

Core Impact Pro 2014 R2

Key features: Impact 2014 R2 provides an Android agent that can be embedded into Android-based mobile devices in order to exploit mobile vulnerabilities, and offers support for Wi-Fi Pineapple Mark V devices. More info.

102714potw coreoinsight

Core Insight 4.0

Key features: adds new attack intelligence capabilities and advanced analytics to help security professionals focus on the most likely threats to their business. More info.

102714potw countertack

CounterTack Sentinel

Key features: Sentinel is the only endpoint detection and response (EDR) platform that delivers real-time endpoint threat detection, context and visibility around targeted attacks. The latest enhancements have been architected for today’s security teams to execute a continuous detection, coordinated response and improved remediation workflow through Big Data analytics across the enterprise. More info.

102714potw easysolutions 2


Key features:  DetectTA transaction anomaly detection solution now  deployed with alert-based option; improves access to data, information, and tools to expedite the review and decision-making of all suspicious activity. More info.

102714potw extreme

Extreme Networks’ Unified Edge

Pricing: Summit X460-G2 fixed switch – $4,495 (starting price for a configured system – 24 port switch version)

Key features: Extreme Networks’ Unified Edge portfolio of access layer products has added a new Summit X460-G2 fixed switch and IdentiFi Wireless 3805 access points. This will add increased performance, manageability and security for BYOD. More info.

102714potw guidance

EnCase Remote Recovery +

Key features: Remote data recovery and system diagnostic tool enables help desk professionals recover deleted files from anywhere on their network without user disruption. Supports system troubleshooting and helps avoid computer downtime. More info.

102714potw intralinks

Intralinks VIA

Key features: The latest version of the Intralinks file-sharing and collaboration platform includes IRM By Design, an integrated rights management feature that can be activated with a single click, without requiring plug-ins. More info.

102714potw mailshark

MailShark Cloud Based Anti Spam Antivirus Email Filter

Key features: MailShark free product includes email filtering, web administration
interface, archive/retrieval system, unlimited domains and mailboxes,
virus scanning of inbound/outbound emails, email reporting and email
content search. More info.

102714potw mendix

Mendix for Mobile App Development

Pricing – In addition to a free community edition, Mendix offers three other paid editions, with pricing starting at $1,650 per month for the basic package to produce a single enterprise app. Multi-app bundles start at $2,450 per month, while the enterprise version pricing is customized.

Key features – Mendix simplifies mobile app development with responsive UIs, app widgets for native device functions, instant testing of native capabilities, and one-click app packaging for Apple, Google and Windows App Stores. More info.

102714potw mimosa 90

A5-90 (90º Sector)

Key features: The A5 leverages advanced synchronization and Multi-User MIMO to create the fastest speed and highest capacity (250+ clients!) Wi-Fi/fixed access solution in history - changing the way consumers connect forever. More info.

102714potw mimosa 360

A5-360 (360º Omni with 14 or 18 dBi gain)

Key features:  The A5 leverages advanced synchronization and Multi-User MIMO to create the fastest speed and highest capacity (250+ clients!) Wi-Fi/fixed access solution in history - changing the way consumers connect forever. More info.

102714potw ollo


Key features: Olocode’s free platform for iOS, Android and the Web cures contact chaos by allowing users to share their latest information via a six-chracter code, and easily scan and store their contacts’ information as well. More info.

102714potw popin


Key features:  PoPin is a SaaS mobile and web solution that facilitates the CrowdSourcing of ideas that the team “votes” to the top. Selected initiatives are then CrowdSolved with specific discussions to deliver timely and innovative impact to relevant corporate objectives. More info.

102714potw redbooth


Pricing: Starter: $49/month; Pro: $99/month; Plus: $149/month; Enterprise: $199/month

Key features: Redbooth offers enterprise chat for desktop and mobile--the first business chat fully integrated with team and workflow to enhance productivity and time spent on work. Also includes HD video chat. More info.

102714potw revolution

Revolution R Open and Revolution R Plus

Key features: Revolution R Open is a free, enhanced, open source R distribution. Revolution R Plus adds a subscription-based technical support and indemnification package to Revolution R Open. More info.

102714potw rsd

RSD IGaaS Policy Manager SE

Key features: allows information management professionals to create and enforce new policies on how all corporate information should be governed via a cloud-hosted service. More info.

102714potw suse

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12

Key features: A reliable, scalable and secure platform for efficiently deploying and managing highly available enterprise-class IT services in physical, virtual or cloud infrastructure. More info.

102714potw teamquest

TeamQuest Predictor

Key features – automatically predicts future performance and notifies you well in advance of problems, delivering the information you need to avoid service disruptions before they interfere with business operations. More info.

102714potw unisys

Forward! with NetApp storage systems

Key features: Integrates the Forward! by Unisys server with NetApp FAS and E-Series storage systems to boost performance, increase reliability and security, and lower infrastructure costs for mission-critical Linux and Windows applications. More info.

102714potw tufin

Tufin Orchestration Suite R14-3

Key features:  R14-3 enables full automation - including design, risk assessment, approvals and now change provisioning -  of policy changes for Check Point, Cisco and Juniper firewalls while adhering to corporate policy. More info.

102714potw watchguard

WatchGuard Firebox M440

Pricing: ranges from $5,035 - $6,795 for a 1 year license and $6,370 - $10,885 for a 3 year license.

Key features: The WatchGuard Firebox M440, with truly independent ports and WatchGuard Dimension, makes it easy to apply the right policies to the correct network segments, without complex configurations. More info.

102714potw wti

Space Saving Remote Reboot Solution

Key features: Compact remote reboot and power control solution for applications where space is limited. Includes advanced security and authentication features, plus monitoring and alarm functions and enterprise management software. More info.

102714potw yubico fido 2

FIDO U2F Security Key by Yubico

Key features - Security Key by Yubico with FIDO U2F support lets users securely login to Google accounts and any number of service providers who adopt the FIDO U2F protocol. More info.

102714potw yubico neo

YubiKey NEO-n

Key features - YubiKey NEO-n with FIDO U2F can be used with any number of online services, with no user information and encryption keys shared between the service providers. More info.

102714potw zensar
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Zensar End User Experience Management Service

Key features: 24x7 proactive support through real-time user experience monitoring and analytics services of business critical applications by correlating issues with mobile, virtual and physical desktop performance and user behavior. More info.

102714potw zoho

Zoho Subscriptions

Pricing: For a limited time, Zoho Subscriptions is available at the launch price of $49 per month for unlimited transactions. The regular pricing plan for Zoho Subscriptions is $49 per month for 50 card transactions and $5 for every additional 50 card transactions.

Key features: Zoho Subscriptions bridges the gap between traditional accounting and the subscription economy, and lets users manage the entire subscriber lifecycle and run subscription-specific analytics while providing data-level integration with accounting software. More info.

102714potw zscaler

Zscaler Fall 2014 release (Zscaler Internet security platform)

Key features: Zscaler Fall 2014 protects organizations from today’s cyber-threat landscape with new capabilities for Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) protection, guest WiFi security, global administration, policy management and reporting and instant assessment of security risks. More info.