What’s a ‘spagger?’… (Google’s no help)

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Google rarely fails me, especially when it comes to something as trivial as delivering the definition of a word or slang.

Yet fail me Google did this morning.

And, coincidentally, it did so in relation to an email from my kids’ middle school carrying the subject line: “Google Night for Parents.” That email begins:

Need a better way to plan the next team spagger? Looking for an easy photo sharing system? Eager to learn how to get more out of your free Gmail account?

Wait, plan the next what? What’s a spagger?

Naturally, I Google “What’s a spagger?”

102814blog google spagger

And as you can see Google assumes that I typed my query while wearing mittens.

No, I did not mean swagger.


The first result Google returns for spagger directs me to the generally useful Urban Dictionary, which tells me spagger is a noun meaning “someone who is incredibly stupid or half-witted.”

I doubt that the correspondents from my kids’ middle school are calling anyone stupid or half-witted. And at a glance the other search results offer no other definition.

Which leads me to reply to the school email, asking: “What’s a spagger?”

Their reply:

You clearly have been spared the joy/pain of planning and hosting one of these events. "Spagger" is the popular term used to refer to team spaghetti dinners. I'm a soccer/volleyball/swim/lacrosse mom of three (6th, 8th, 9th grade), so I am deeply immersed in spagger culture and am hoping to save parents from the stress of planning via our Google tips :).

Truth be told, spaghetti had crossed my mind. But a popular term?

Someone needs to tell Google.

(Update, Oct. 29: Hey look, someone did tell Google.

102814blog spagger update

This post is now the No. 2 result delivered for a search on spagger, right below the Urban Dictionary’s half-wit.)

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