New products of the week 11.03.2014

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as NetIQ and Cyberoam


Products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

110314potw servicerocket

TrainingRocket 4

Key features: Used by fast growing software companies and enterprise organizations alike, TrainingRocket is a highly effective, on-demand learning platform powering the online universities at many of today’s fast growing software companies, including Cloudera, NGINX, Mulesoft and Pentaho. More info.

110314potw vss

Optimizer 2400

Key features:  The new system addresses one of the major problems enterprises face today – namely, the lack of end-to-end visibility due to the huge investment required to monitor all network links. More info.

110314potw wti

DC Powered Console Access Solution

Key features: Secure out-of-band access to console port command functions at remote, DC Powered equipment sites. Available in 8, 24 and 40-port models. Includes logging and alarm functions, plus enterprise management solution. More info.

110314potw checkpoint

Check Point Capsule

Key features: Check Point Capsule is a multi-layer mobile security solution protecting business data and mobile devices anywhere you go. More info.

110314potw geotab


Key features: Geotab’s GO7 telematics device is designed for fleet management applications to detect all of the vehicle data communications from the engine, drivetrain, instrument cluster and other relevant subsystems. More info.

110314potw advanced

ActiveBatch Smart Queue

Key features: ActiveBatch includes Smart Queue technology as part of its core functionality. ActiveBatch Licensing (which includes Smart Queue) and one of the ActiveBatch Extensions (Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager, VMWare) . Allows ActiveBatch users to efficiently manage virtual resources and reduce costs by setting broad infrastructure parameters and then automatically setting and utilizing resources as needed based upon Managed Queue parameters. More info.

110314potw smartbear

LoadComplete 3.0

Key features: Helps test business-critical rich Internet and mobile applications in shortened performance testing cycles, providing advanced analysis and reporting, enabling testers to compare results of different tests side by side. More info.

110314potw paessler

PRTG Network Monitor Freeware Edition

Key features: PRTG Network Monitoring Freeware Edition triples the number of sensors, extending usability. That, combined with a broad lineup of sensor types, provides more monitoring options for complex IT environments. More info.

110314potw utopic

Persystent Suite

Key features: Provides automated system lifecycle and configuration management. Self-healing technology enables enforcement of ideal states in real time via faster imaging, repair/recovery, disk erasure and precise patch management in one solution. More info.

110314potw watchguard

RightsWATCH 6.2

Key features: RightsWATCH 6.2, a data-centric protection suite adds support for Mac OS X, and extends user experience on iOS and Android platforms. The solution augments the Active Directory Group management capability. More info.

110314potw cyberoram

Cyberoam CR10iNG UTM appliance

Key Features:

  • Stateful Inspection Firewall
  • VPN (SSL VPN & IPSec)
  • Intrusion Prevention System
  • Web Filtering
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Application Visibility & Control
  • Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware
  • Anti-Spam
  • 3G / 4G / WiMAX Connectivity
  • Multiple Link Management

 More info.

110314potw netiq

NetIQ CloudAccess 2.1

Key features: This single sign-on (SSO) virtual appliance allows organizations to extend SSO to any cloud-based service, delivering a consistent, user-friendly experience when accessing company information via desktops, laptops or mobile devices. More info.

110314potw progress


Key features: Modulus Public Cloud and Modulus Enterprise provide tailored Node.js platforms for easily hosting, deploying, scaling and monitoring data-intensive, real-time Applications. The new Modulus offering allows developers to get to market faster, and enjoy greater flexibility, simplicity, and ease-of-use. More info.

110314potw bitrix


Pricing: Free Plan for up to 12 users, Standard Plan for $99 per month and Professional Plan for $199 per month

Key features: Bitrix24 provides business-class Intranet tools and infrastructure, unified communications and collaboration solutions. Targeted to SMBs and enterprises, Bitrix24 is offering more than 30 new comprehensive product features and upgrades. More info.

110314potw fujitsu


Key features: The Fujitsu CD10000 is the world's first storage system designed to grow and last as long as the online data it hosts. Currently, the system supports capacities up to 56 PB (Petabytes) of online data, all the time. More info.

110314potw mds

Shield Test

Key features: Shield Test is My Digital Shield’s online-based complimentary security assessment tool that helps small businesses measure their vulnerability to cyber threats in a quick, 30-second scan. More info.

110314potw bluestripe

Performance Center for Windows Azure Pack

Key features: BlueStripe Performance Center for Windows Azure Pack is the only way for administrators to implement dynamic application tracking and performance monitoring in Windows Azure Pack. More info.

110314potw gfi

GFI WebMonitor 2015

Key features: GFI WebMonitor 2015 allows IT administrators to monitor, manage and secure information and data from the Internet to protect their business infrastructures, including manage social media use and other online applications without compromising security. More info.

110314potw dreamhost


Pricing: DreamCompute has three pricing plans with flat monthly fees:

-$19/month for up to 2 instances, 2 GB of memory, and 25 GB of block storage

-$49/month for up to 6 instances, 6 GB of memory, and 100 GB of block storage

-$129/month for up to 18 instances, 18 GB of memory, and 500 GB of block storage

Key features:  Users can create unmanaged virtual servers on-demand and each DreamCompute tenant receives their own virtual OSI Layer 2 switch. More info.

110314potw youeye


Key features: YouEye provides an agile research platform that gathers and turns qualitative, unstructured consumer research into quantitative data. More info.

110314potw catalogic

Catalogic Software ECX

Pricing: FAS 200 series $5,000 per NTAP controller - $7,500 for HA Pair

FAS 400 series $10,000 per NTAP controller - $15,000 for HA Pair

Fast 600 series and up $15,000 per NTAP Controller – 22,500 per HA Pair

Key features: Catalogic Software provides an instant copy of data. More info.

110314potw thoughtspot

ThoughtSpot Relational Search Appliance

Key features: ThoughtSpot’s Relational Search Appliance is a self-service data analysis tool that allows business users to access on premise and cloud data sources in a simple and secure manner without compromising the security requirements of IT. More info.

110314potw bluebox

Trustable by Bluebox

Key features: Trustable by Bluebox is a new Android app that identifies a device’s level of trust. Trustable measures various security properties of a device to determine its security and trustability. More info.

110314potw birst

Birst Marketing Analytics Accelerator

Key features: Birst’s new Marketing Analytics Accelerator integrates online and offline sources of marketing data to provide a complete picture of the customer journey, from audiences to prospects to profitable customers. More info.

110314potw newrow

newrow_ for education

Additional pricing: For enterprises, pricing starts at $5,000

Key features: The newrow_ for education platform for iOS, Android and Web allows 25+ students to video chat and use a suite of interactive learning tools to collaborate in their online classroom. More info.

110314potw accelion


Key features – With newly added two-factor authentication (2FA), kiteworks offers increased security to customers. Administrators can determine which users must use 2FA to ensure that data is only accessed by those authorized. More info.

110314potw iovation 2

iovation Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK)

Key features: iovation’s Mobile SDK helps companies identify and prevent fraudulent mobile transactions while improving consumer experiences. New features include identifying jailbroken and rooted devices, and exposing location and device/operating system mismatches. More info.

110314potw sencha

Space 1.2

Key features: Space 1.2 is a platform to securely deploy and manage business applications, empowering organizations to manage apps and data across all devices and screens—including desktops, tablets and smartphones. More info.

110314potw erpmaestro

ERP Maestro

Key features: Segregation of Duties (SoD) Auditing-as-a-Service: Eliminates hundreds of man-hours involved in compliance reporting for a typical corporation using SAP. Produce reports in minutes and gain continuous 24/7 fraud protection monitoring. More info.

110314potw velocloud

Subscription-based WAN Service for Enterprises

Key features: Solves application performance and networking problems faced by branch offices, simplifies branch deployment and ongoing management, and provides greater WAN visibility and cloud-scale analytics. More info.

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