New products of the week 11.10.2014

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Skyera and Mocana


Products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

111014potw watchful

TypeWATCH for Individuals (TW4I)

Key features: TypeWATCH for Individuals is an e-Biometric application to protect against fraudulent systems from compromised credentials. TW4I is “plug&play” entry-level version of the Enterprise version of TypeWATCH. More info.

111014potw push

Diffusion 5.1

Key features: Push Technology joined the AWS Marketplace with the latest version of its data distribution platform, Diffusion 5.1. The upgrade offers improved application data performance and reliability with added intelligent data distribution and recovery capabilities. More info.

111014potw vallum

Vallum Halo Manager

Key features: The Halo Manager is built on a unique architecture framework and provides device availability, CPU and memory loads, disk space, system processes and services, and many other metrics. More info.

111014potw skyhawk

skyHawk FS

Key Features: skyHawk FS is the industry’s densest solution on the market with 136TB of raw flash in 1U. With bandwidth speeds up to 2.4GBps and up to 400,000 IOPS with microsecond latencies. Skyera’s latest offering supports both iSCSI and NFS protocols and its lightweight design – only 25 pounds – provides unparalleled portability. The skyHawk FS occupies up to 99 percent less space and consumes as much as 97 percent less power while achieving price points equivalent to traditional enterprise disk storage systems.

111014potw tegile

T3600 and T3700

Key features: Two new lower-cost all-flash products the T3600 and T3700 that can help small to mid-size companies ease their transition into flash storage. Include a new Enhanced IntelliFlash Data Management Operating System. Speeds at 350K IOPs (4K blocks) 10 PBW (Petabytes Written) endurance per SSD and a maximum capacity (Effective TB @ 5:1) T3600 -1488TB and T3700 - 1560TB. Both high density hybrid arrays are designed for consolidated, virtualized business environments. 

111014potw wti

Vertical Mount 120 VAC Power Redundancy Solution

Key features: A space-saving, vertical format power redundancy solution for single inlet 120 VAC devices. Mounts to rack post to provide power fallback for single inlet devices without using valuable rack space. More info.

111014potw incentive

Incentive Video Conversations

Key features: WebRTC allows us to run Video Conversations within Incentive with absolutely no plug-in or any other installations whatsoever. All you have to do is to click OK to give your web browser access to your camera and you're ready to go. More info.

111014potw gfi

GFI WebMonitor 2015

Key features: GFI WebMonitor 2015 allows IT administrators to monitor, manage and secure information and data from the Internet to protect their business infrastructures, including manage social media use and other online applications without compromising security. More Info.

111014potw filip


Key features: FiLIP 2 offers the same features parents and kids loved in the first generation FiLIP with a redesigned wristband and improved durability. The update also includes a new app that makes it even easier for families to stay connected. More info.

111014potw mocana 2

Atlas 3.2

Key Features: This latest version of Atlas mobile app security platform works with SAP Mobile Secure to boost adoption and usage of the SAP Fiori user experience across connected enterprise mobile apps. More info.

111014potw radware8420

Alteon 8420

Key features: The Alteon 8420 is a carrier-grade platform designed to meet the challenging capacity growth of carriers and Internet service providers who need to address the increase of video and mobile data traffic.

111014potw mobiliya

Mobiliya Manage

Key features: Mobiliya Manage—an extensible device management solution for smart glasses, mobile, POS and internet-of-everything devices—secures corporate data, ensures MDM-policy compliance and provides seamless employee access to IT. More info.

111014potw onecloud

OneCloud Recovery

Key features: OneCloud Recovery integrates data centers with AWS for cloud-based disaster recovery. Its Automated Cloud Engine creates a virtual data center in AWS, eliminating using secondary data centers with redundant infrastructure. More info.

111014potw 85


Key features: Contractually is a contract management software as a service. Features including being able to initiate, edit, share and collaborate for faster completion, better version control and visibility. More info.

111014potw navicloud

NaviCloud Director Virtual Platform

Key features: Provides disaster-recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) technology that enables the replication of virtual machines between NaviSite’s NaviCloud Director (NCD) infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) environments, as well as from a customer’s dedicated on-premise or virtual IT environments. More info.

111014potw tintri 2

Tintri VMstore T800 and Tintri OS 3.1

Key features – Supports the highest VM densities:  3500 VMs, 100TB of usable capacity and up to 140,000 IOPS in a single device. It includes integration for disaster recovery, encryption and REST APIs. More info.

111014potw helpdesk


Pricing - Annual subscription based on size and usage. ServicePRO Professional edition $495 per seat. ServicePRO Enterprise edition $695 per seat.

Key features: Workflow tools for assigning and routing work, chat/messaging to facilitate collaboration, ability to link emails, documents and calendars to specific tasks and projects, and activity streams that consolidate all information into a single view. More info.

111014potw zyxell

USG1100, USG1900

Key features: Provides firewall throughput and security services, integrated WLAN management and multiple high availability features. Uses the portal for convenient license management and Vantage Report for extensive reporting. More info.

111014potw nuodb

NuoDB Swifts Release 2.1

Pricing: NuoDB Swifts 2.1 features a free Community Edition (2 hosts per domain) as well as a free trial version of its Enterprise Edition (5+ hosts per domain). Swifts Pro Edition (5+ hosts per domain) starts at $20,000/year and the Enterprise Edition starts at $30,000/year.

Key features: NuoDB Swifts 2.1 is a NewSQL cloud-based distributed database system. New features include low-latency Hybrid Transaction/Analytical Processing (HTAP) capabilities, an advanced automation console and performance and scalability improvements. More info.

111014potw coupa

Coupa 12

Key features: Electronic invoicing and global compliance are streamlined. Release 12 includes intelligent inventory and 72+ enhancements from analytics to mobility. More info.

111014potw dell storage

Dell Storage SC4020 Entry-Level All-Flash Array

Key features: Provides an all-flash array that can be optimized by adding additional flash or spinning disk to build a hybrid array in the same SAN. More info.

111014potw dell fx2

Dell PowerEdge FX2

Key features: The PowerEdge FX2 is a 2U hybrid rack-based computing platform with a modular design that accommodates server, storage and networking blocks for building an IT infrastructure that fits your business needs. More info.

111014potw ipanema

ip|engine 400ax

Key features: ip|engine400ax enables companies to guarantee performance of business critical applications such as UC, ERP and CRM, and eases cloud migration and traffic control of networks with to 5,000 users and 300Mbps speeds. More info.

111014potw centri


Key features – BitCloud provides security, performance and OPEX cost-saving benefits to enterprise cloud users. It is a software-only product that optimizes data and security without adding latency. More info.

111014potw fluke


Key features: LinkSprinter is a handheld device that provides network diagnostics and testing for Ethernet, DHCP, Gateway, Internet and link to switch connections to test and troubleshoot. More info.

111014potw snowbound


Key features: Snowbound's RasterMaster document imaging and conversion SDK has expanded to enable users to convert all popular document formats into scalable vector graphics (SVG) while also providing them with a tool to leverage the coveted PDF/A document archival format. More info.

111014potw dell xc

Dell XC Series of Web-Scale Converged Appliances

Key features: This new hyperconverged offering expands Dell’s SDS portfolio, combining compute, storage and hypervisor resources into a single offering. It integrates Dell PowerEdge servers with Nutanix software with their only major OEM agreement. More info.

111114potw stackstorm

StackStorm 0.5

Key features: StackStorm 0.5 ties existing infrastructure and applications environments together, helping organizations automate their environments in a simplified manner, and enabling the 10-100x productivity improvements of highly automated DevOps environments. More info.

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