AWS re: Invent 2014

Hot products from AWS: reInvent

As the show gets rolling this week, here are some of the products on display


AWS: reInvent

Here are some of the products being shown at AWS's show this week.

111114 porticor

Porticor Virtual Private Data (VPD) platform

Key features: Porticor’s new key management solution and RESTful API implement and automate the key management process to keep customers’ information private and segregated on AWS clouds. More info.

111114 viewsonic

SC-Z55 Discrete Zero Client

Key features: ViewSonic’s SC-Z55 offers security and reliability in an AWS environment. Features include Teradici Tera 2321, hardware accelerated PCoIP, dual video outputs for dual 1080p displays, and VESA mounting bracket. More info.

111114 cloudberry

CloudBerry Backup

Key features: CloudBerry Backup compresses and encrypts data using customer keys before transference to the cloud. Restore data with a few clicks. Works with all major cloud storage providers. More info.

111114 sciencelogic

Key features - is an Amazon Machine Image that allows enterprises to automatically map and visualize all Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud resources and all associated technology interdependencies. It will provide immediate visual understanding of public cloud infrastructure and allow organizations to “see” their cloud in real–time, providing an opportunity to shut down rogue and unused resources or visualize the full extent of AWS reliance and its impact. More info.


111114 rightscale

RightScale Cloud Appliance for vSphere

Key features: RightScale released new capabilities to automate and streamline the process of cloud-enabling existing vSphere environments. IT can offer access to existing vSphere templates and resources through an easy-to-use self-service portal. More info.

111114 blazemeter

BlazeMeter Version 3.0 Unlimited Testing Platform

Key features: BlazeMeter version 3.0 unlimited testing platform provides next-generation features such as Selenium testing, comprehensive RESTful web API, Multi-Cloud support, Mobile Dashboard and Multi-Instance tests delivering reduced time-to-release and better quality software. More info.

111114 reblaze


Pricing: $900 per month for a package protecting 5 websites with the following limitations: 1TB Data transfer, 150 Concurrent connections at peak time per second, 1Gbps DDoS Protection in the application layer and 5 Gbps DDos Protection in the network layer 

Key features: All-in-one private virtual cloud-based security solution for websites and web application that includes IPS/WAF, DoS/DDoS protection, bot detection and exclusion, anti-scraping and more. Requires five-minute setup and zero installation. More info.

111114 xplenty


Pricing: Basic: $99/mo ($0.95 for each additional node per hour); Pro: $199/mo ($0.85 for each additional node per hour); Expert: $499/mo ($0.80 for each additional node per hour).

Key features: Xplenty’s platform allows organizations to integrate, process, and prepare data for analytics both on the cloud and on-premise, without any Hadoop expertise or background writing code. More info.

111114 hytrust

HyTrust DataControl for AWS

Pricing: HyTrust DataControl pricing is designed for simplicity. Subscription-based and ranges from $5,000/year for a 5 VM bundle to $15,000 per year for a 25 VM bundle.

Key features: HyTrust DataControl encryption and key management are now natively built into the AWS Marketplace, so existing and new AWS customers who want to encrypt their VMs have an easy-to-use option that mirrors the way they use AWS today. They'll be able to own and manage their own keys and, as a result, service providers cannot gain access to any keys without the data owner’s knowledge or permission. By owning the keys, enterprises can ensure greater security when moving their workflow to the public cloud. More info.

111114 extrahop

ExtraHop Wire Data Analytics for FireEye Threat Analytics Platform (TAP)

Key features: The integration between ExtraHop and FireEye delivers this next-generation visibility, arming IT security teams with an enriched security dataset, including the events and metrics needed to detect advanced persistent threats.

111114 logentry

Logentries Unlimited Log Management & On-demand Analytics

Key features: Users can send all log data, from any source/in any format, into one centralized location: Easy, affordable option for analyzing unlimited log data in real-time, on an as-needed basis. More info.

111114 2ndwatch

2nd Watch Cloud Factory

Key features: Cloud Factory combines planning, preparation, deployment and technology in a single integrated offering that enables previously unavailable cost and outcome certainty as companies move data and business-critical applications to the cloud. More info.

111114 skytap

Skytap Dev/Test Environments on AWS

Pricing: Cost per Skytap Virtual Machines can range from $30-$60 per month.

Key features: Skytap’s making it easier for enterprise dev/test teams to access, connect, and collaborate with three new AWS support capabilities: dynamic IPSEC VPN, Secure Remote Desktop Client, and third-party URL sharing. More info.

111114 segment


Key features: Segment is a hub that collects, translates and routes customer data to more than one hundred analytics and marketing apps with the flip of a switch. It recently announced support for automatic data transformation and loading into Amazon Redshift. More info.

111114 apprenda

Apprenda in AWS

Key features: The latest version of Apprenda, version 5.5, is now available in the AWS Marketplace, allowing organizations to run a powerful private PaaS on public IaaS. More info.

111114 jumpcloud


Key features: Connects your AWS servers to on-premise directory (AD or LDAP) to create a central, secure, cloud-based directory for device management (Mac, Windows, Linux). More info.

111114 druva


Key features: Druva Phoenix eliminates tape, off-site storage, complexity and 70% of the costs of managing server backup, archiving, retention and recovery. Phoenix unifies hot, warm and cold backup and archiving processes and administration, offers unlimited retention unavailable from any other cloud backup provider, and performs backups and restores 20 times faster than other solutions. More info.

111114 avere

Virtual FXT Edge Filer

Key features: The Avere Virtual FXT Edge Filer provides the ability to deploy and scale compute in the cloud while using both on-premises and cloud-based storage resources, such as Amazon EC2. More info.

111114 cohesive


Key features: VNS3:ms is a dashboard to manage and monitor cloud networks and VPN connections. Control security aspects to meet industry regulations. It manages credentials, passwords and roles. More info.

111114 cavarin


Key features: Rapidly growing companies, such as RMS, use Cavirin for cloud security and compliance. OOB policies are continuously applied to the environment and generate a compliance scorecard for customers and auditors. More info.

111114 cloudnexa

vNOC Cloud Management Platform

Key features: Four powerful features that help companies manage their cloud services on AWS including a new service being announced on Wednesday of re:Invent – that will be immediately available to users in vNOC. More info.

111114 zadara

Zadara Multi-Zone HA

Pricing: typical configuration can start as low as $0.49/hour to enable the Multi-Zone HA replication feature.

Key features: Multi-Zone HA gives both On-Premise as a Service and Cloud VPSA customers using File (NAS) or Block (SAN) storage, automatic and synchronous replication of data across a metropolitan area network. More info.

111114 zerto

Zerto Virtual Replication

Key features: ZVR now offers replication to AWS. By adding support for AWS, Zerto extends enterprise-class DR to the public cloud, a critical capability for enterprises implementing datacenters that use hybrid clouds. More info.

111114 ibm

IBM Cloudant integration with IBM dashDB

Pricing: Monthly metered pricing based on data storage ($1.00 per GB) and the types / frequency of RESTful API calls ($0.015 per 100 "heavy" API requests or $0.015 per 500 "light" API requests). Bills under $5 per month are always free.

Key features: dashDB is IBM’s cloud data warehousing service that runs on AWS, among other cloud providers. Cloudant, the IBM NoSQL database, now replicates JSON data to dashDB for deeper reporting, context and analytics. More info.

111114 accelerite


Key features:  Rovius is a workload management and disaster recovery orchestration software that seamlessly manages and protects application and data workloads across and between public, private, and managed clouds. More info.

111114 ctp

CTP Labs for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Pricing: $150,000 for 1 month Rapid Minimum Viable Product (RMVP) starter engagement; $450,000 for 3 month RMVP engagement. (Duration and price range varies depending on application complexity.) 1-2 week strategy workshops with CTP cloud experts priced from $25,000-$50,000.

Key features: CTP Labs for Amazon Web Services (AWS) transforms legacy software products and systems into multitenant, auto-scaling cloud services. More info.

111114 appzero

AppZero for Amazon Web Services

Key feautres: AppZero for AWS is a hosted application migration tool for moving applications onto AWS. "Up-level" Windows Server 2003 applications onto the cloud, drastically reducing time/cost to move complex server applications. More info.

111114 softnas

SoftNAS Cloud Version 3.2 and SoftNAS Cloud Express Edition

Key features: Enterprise-grade cloud NAS for private, public and hybrid clouds running on AWS, Azure and VMware. New in 3.2: Express Edition, shared storage for Docker apps, AWS Identity Management support. More info.

111214 elasticbox

Cloud Reports

Key features: ElasticBox cloud reports helps companies manage their spending and monitor usage across multiple cloud platforms in one place. It provides insights into so companies can optimize costs for each provider. More info.

111314 rmm

RackWare Management Module for Amazon Web Services (RMM for AWS)

Key features: RRM for AWS enables enterprises to use AWS as a seamless extension of their internal infrastructure - including both legacy and modern applications - for DR, migrations and cloud scaling. More info.

111314 code

Codeship Integration with AWS CodeDeploy

Key feautres: Allows developers to package new versions of code, push into AWS CodeDeploy while a daemon runs on all instances pulling latest version and running the deployment commands they configure. More info.

111314 threatstack

Threat Stack Continuous Monitoring Service for Cloud Infrastructure

Key features: SaaS security solution that uncovers potential threats to cloud infrastructure; features include Deep OS Auditing, DVR Capabilities, Custom Alerts, File Integrity Monitoring, DevOps-enabled Deployment and AWS Integration. More info.

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