New products of the week 11.17.2014

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as F5 Networks and Dell


Products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

111714potw alertlogic

Cloud Defender

Key features: Cloud Defender is a fully managed cloud-based security and compliance suite providing:
·         24x7 monitoring
·         The functionality of a SIEM solution
·         Intrusion detection
·         Vulnerability scanning
·         Web application threat detection
·         Log analysis
More info.

111714potw barracuda

Barracuda NG Firewall F1000

Key features – The Barracuda NG Firewall model F1000 supports a data throughput rate to 40Gbps and adds features for malware, IPS and DDoS Protection and seamless bandwidth management and load balancing. More info.

111714potw concurrent


Key features: The latest release of Driven offers enterprises unprecedented visibility into their data applications, providing deep insights, search, segmentation and visualizations for SLA management while collecting rich operational metadata in a scalable repository. More info.

111714potw aframe


Key features: Aframe Fall 2014 release provides enterprise-grade automation, a cloud usage metrics dashboard, 5x greater performance, and added security and control for storing, sharing and managing video content.

111714potw dell

Dell Cloud Marketplace (Beta)

Key features: Dell Cloud Marketplace public beta program gives developers and IT managers the ability to compare, purchase, use and manage public cloud services from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform and Joyent via a single, unified console on More info.

111714potw f5

F5 Silverline DDoS Protection

Key features: F5 Silverline DDoS Protection, a hybrid solution building on F5’s Defense.Net acquisition, combines on-premises DDoS protection with a high-capacity cloud service that leverages programmable technologies for customized performance. More info.

111714potw fluke

LinkWare Live

Key features: This new service instantly allows a technician to upload copper and fiber cabling test results and projects to the cloud, where they can be organized, analyzed or monitored, anytime…anywhere. More info.

111714potw gridvision


Pricing -- Free for companies with up to 100 assets, for accounts with more users pricing starts at $0.50 per asset per month and $0.25 per user per month 

Key features – GridVision is a cloud-based IT automation and management platform for SMBs and MSPs, that provides up-to-the minute, simple, extensible and effective automation of common IT tasks with custom business processes. More info.

111714potw instartlogic

Instart Logic Security Suite

Key features: Instart Logic’s new Security Suite provides customers multi-layered protection against DDoS, malicious attacks and cyber security threats. It includes new web applications firewall based on ModSecurity Engine and OWASP rules. More info.

111714potw keynote

Keynote Real User Monitoring

Key features: Keynote Real User Monitoring is a new cloud based solution built on big data architecture to provide enterprises with real-time insight into their web performance in seconds. More info.

111714potw mellanox

ConnectX(r)-4 Single/Dual-Port Adapter

Key features: ConnectX-4 adapter cards with VPI, supports EDR 100Gbps InfiniBand and 100Gbps Ethernet connectivity, provides the highest performance and most flexibility for HPC, Web 2.0, Cloud, analytics, database, and storage platforms. More info.

111714potw netapps

Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3

Key features: Cloud ONTAP combines the power of clustered Data ONTAP with the scale of AWS, empowering cloud services with NetApp technologies for data management, non-disruptive operations, seamless scalability, and efficiency. More info.

111714potw owncloud

ownCloud 7 Enterprise Edition

Key features: ownCloud 7 Enterprise Edition protects sensitive corporate files, all while providing end users with flexible and easy access to files, from any device, anywhere. With ownCloud's unique Server-to-Server Sharing capabilities, users on one ownCloud installation can seamlessly share files with users on a different ownCloud installation without using shared links. Both users retain the privacy and control of a private ownCloud, and gain the flexibility and ease-of-use of a public cloud.

111714potw platfora 2

Platfora Big Data Analytics for IoT

Key features: The Internet of Things generates petabytes of new enterprise data in almost unreadable formats. The new Platfora solution helps everyday business people visualize IoT data in minutes rather than months. More info.

111714potw puppetlabs

Puppet Enterprise 3.7

Key features: Cutting edge developments to the most widely used IT automation platform–from all-new Puppet Apps and reporting capabilities, to role-based access control, activity logging and other improvements in underlying technology. More info.

111714potw radware

Alteon VA for NFV

Key features: Alteon VA for NFV will help reduce the TCO for carrier’s load balancing and traffic steering functions by decoupling ADC functions from dedicated underlying hardware but through a highly-scalable, software-based solution. More info.

111714potw reach

RFTC O365 Detective

Key features: Delivers a unique process for scanning the network and automatically pinpointing problems known to disrupt legacy Microsoft Office conversions, such as VB code, Active X components, charts, links and passwords. More info.

111714potw rsupport

RemoteCall 6.0

Key features: The latest version of Rsupport’s remote support product includes the release of Visual Pack, an innovative tool that enables consumers to easily and securely share their tablet or smartphone camera with support agents to overcome inefficiencies with the traditional support process. More info.

111714potw splice

SPLICE Mobile Leaderboard

Pricing: $1,500 for API integration; $750 for Corporate Dashboard; $2.99 per mobile device it runs on.

Key features: SPLICE Software’s new mobile gamification app designed to help boost employee engagement anywhere from the call center to the sales floor. The app, known as the Leaderbaord, visualizes personal and team success and encourages friendly competition between employees, all while simultaneously tracking customer data collection efforts in real time through a visual interface. More info.

111714potw talend

Talend 5.6

Key Features: Talend 5.6 sets new benchmarks for big data productivity and profiling with speeds at least 20 percent faster than Talend 5.5, drives Master Data Management innovation with increased visibility and efficiency controls, and broadens Internet of Things device connectivity with the addition of MQTT and AMQP protocols. 

111714potw tyto

Sahi Pro version 6.0

Key features: The focus of Sahi Pro v6.0.0 release is tester productivity enhancement. Some of the key features include new Script Editor, better jenkins integration, browser and element level screenshots, APIs for comparing images, and many more. More info.

111714potw unitrends


Key features: New virtual appliance that enables virtualization administrators to move VMs from VMware to AWS; it allows businesses of all sizes to cloudburst, protect and migrate VMs. More info.

111714potw wos


Key features: WOS S3 is an Amazon S3 compatible interface for DDN’s WOS object storage platform that helps data centric organizations easily and cost effectively build out private or hybrid cloud infrastructures. More info.

111714potw wti

Console Access Solution with Dual Ethernet Ports

Key features: A secure remote console access solution for network redundancy applications. Includes dual Ethernet ports, dual power inlets and built-in ATS. Also features monitoring and alarm functions plus enterprise management software. More info.

111714potw zendserver

Zend Server 8 with Z-Ray Live!

Pricing: Zend Server in Development options starts at $20/user/month (billed annually). In production, price starts at $185.00/server/month (billed annually). Pay-as-you-go in the cloud options also available.

Key features: With Z-Ray Live!, Zend Server 8 provides developers with real-time feedback and visibility into their code for not only web applications, but also mobile applications and APIs. More info.

111714potw zendstudio

Zend Studio 12

Pricing: Zend Studio 12 pricing is $189 for commercial use new users, and $139 for upgrade renewals, $89 for personal use new users and $29 for students. Free of charge to teachers, classrooms, and open source project developers.

Key features: Zend Studio 12 delivers on developers' need for a modern IDE (integrated development environment), a prerequisite for quality code. Support for PHP 5.6 and Amazon Web Services (AWS) is included. More info.

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