IoT in the enterprise up three-fold, study finds

300%+ increase in deployments in two years, study finds.

Internet of Things deployment in the enterprise has increased 333% since 2012, according to research from an Internet of Things company.

Zebra Technologies, a maker of marking and printing products using RFID and real-time location services, says a study it commissioned and conducted by Forrester Research found that IoT deployment in businesses increased over threefold since 2012. Nearly 65% of its survey respondents have deployed IoT technologies in the enterprise in 2014, compared to only 15% in 2012.

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At that time, Zebra found that 36% of IT managers and CIOs were still unfamiliar with the term “Internet of Things.”

The company’s survey also found that customer experience is now the top benefit of IoT. Two years ago, the top IoT benefit was supply chain visibility and asset tracking.

This year’s survey also found that WiFi is the most critical component to deploying an IoT infrastructure. Barcodes were considered the key component of IoT back in 2012.

Forrester conducted an online survey of 593 organizations in 16 countries between September and October 2014, for the Zebra study.

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