13 insider tips for acing your job interview

Esoteric puzzles, landmine questions, ‘cultural fit’ -- these 13 tips help you navigate the IT interview process with confidence

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You are very likely to be asked point-blank why you have left former positions, so be positive -- “to expand my opportunities to use my abilities to help more people,” “to take my career in a more modern direction,” “to relocate to [city name].” Whatever you say, you must mean it, and be ready to back it up with concrete examples. Moving toward a positive goal is attractive; running away from a negative space is not.

IT interview tip No. 13: Ask for the job

Most interviewers ask if you have any questions for them at the end of the interview. If you are excited about the opportunity, it’s OK to ask, “When do I start?” If the interviewer has hiring authority, he/she may make you an offer on the spot. This question shows enthusiasm and initiative, and at the very least elicits a laugh and ends the discussion on a positive note. If the interviewer reacts negatively to this question -- seems taken aback or flustered -- that may be a sign the interview did not go well from their perspective, and it’s time to hunt anew, or seek out ways to assuage them of their reservations about you.

Good luck out there!

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