Looking back at 2014 predictions, how did we do?

As we approach the end of 2014, we will again make our annual predictions for the coming year. But today, we’ll take a look at how we did with the predictions we made a year ago.

Starting with video collaboration, we expected to see some product differentiation and some possible consolidation among cloud-based video offers. While we’ve seen some differentiation (with special marks going to Blue Jeans and Vidyo), we have not seen much of the consolidation we expected in this space. However, we’ll keep cloud-based video trends on our watch list for 2015.

We predicted that 2014 would see the "consumerization of IT" have further influence on business apps, and indeed it has. When we suggested that Skype and Lync would play key roles in this, little did we dream that the next version of Microsoft’s increasingly popular Lync platform would become Skype for Business.

We weren’t sure if service providers would be ready to fully deploy managed contact centers in 2014, but last week, EarthLink proved that service providers are indeed ready to join the increasingly crowded and competitive hosted contact center market.

We had hoped to see Microsoft more fully embrace WebRTC in 2014, especially to have WebRTC supported by Internet Explorer. Microsoft still seems to be more of an observer and discussion participant than an active WebRTC proponent. We’ll see if 2015 brings any difference to its WebRTC implementation strategy.  

As expected, we have seen more applications use WebRTC this year, and we’ll offer more about our thoughts on WebRTC’s future when we make our 2015 predictions in a future post.

We had expected some activity from the FCC on net neutrality, hoping for a final decision from the courts in 2014. But after losing some key court battles, the FCC has re-grouped to find a “new and improved” approach to net neutrality. (Editorial note: “new and improved,” with a dose of sarcasm is in our words, not theirs.) Looks like the only thing that happened for net neutrality is to “stir the pot,” as interested parties re-group for another series of proposals and court battles.

As predicted, we have finally seen HD voice and VoLTE supported on mobile devices in 2014, and also as expected, early deployments are full of interoperability issues.

Look for our 2015 predictions in a post coming later this month, although next time we will turn to other news.

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