OpenDNS reinforces cloud security with ties to Check Point, ZeroFOX, others

A new API opens the way for a dozen more partners over the next few months

OpenDNS has developed a partner API that lets security vendors connect their technologies to the OpenDNS cloud for enforcement, effectively extending protection to any device no matter where it connects to the Internet.

OpenDNS CEO David Ulevitch

OpenDNS CEO David Ulevitch

The first two such partners are Check Point and ZeroFOX, and the company will announce another dozen or so partners over the next few months, says OpenDNS CEO David Ulevitch.

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OpenDNS has supported FireEye’s malware-protection platform in a one-off configuration since February, and the API makes it simpler to add more partners, Ulevitch says.

Customers with on-premises deployments of partners’ gear can extend the protection they provide to devices that are not connected to the corporate network, he says. For example, with Check Point’s partnership, intelligence gathered by its Anti-Bot Software Blade is fed to OpenDNS’ Umbrella Cloud, which can block communications between protected devices and bot command and control servers. Flagged bot traffic can also be redirected to sinkholes for further study, he says.

Internet traffic from protected devices is rerouted to Umbrella Cloud even if the devices are not connected to the corporate network. Security policies informed by the partners’ gear can be enforced by the cloud.

Similarly, ZeroFOX can share threat intelligence about social media-based phishing, social engineering and impersonations as well as targeted malware with OpenDNS.

Businesses must be customers of both OpenDNS and the partner companies in order to take advantage of the cloud service. Current customers of both can extend the reach of the partner’s products to the Umbrella Cloud at no extra cost. Customers of a partner that are not customers of OpenDNS would have to buy OpenDNS’s services before being able to do so.


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