The cloud foils alleged police brutality coverup

Police delete video of officers punching suspect, but it’s found in the cloud

In the wake of the uproar over Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson and the Eric Garner situation in New York City, Denver is now dealing with its own alleged police brutality scandal, and this one involves the cloud.

Here’s the situation: A witness named Levi Frasier recorded a video in August of police arresting a drug suspect named David Nelson Flores. Fraiser recorded police punching Flores multiple times during the altercation and it showed that when Flores’s girlfriend - who is pregnant - approached the scene police tripped her, causing her to fall to the ground.

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Cloud helps whistle-blower 

After police noticed that Frasier, a passerby, was recording the video on his phone, the officers demanded that Frasier hand over the device. When they returned the phone to Frasier, the video of the confrontation had been deleted.

Here’s where the cloud comes in. From the Global Grind story on the issue:

“Luckily, Frasier was able to recover the 55-second clip of the arrest and beating because it had been stored in the cloud. Now, Frasier is sharing his story and the disturbing clip that may land the unidentified plainclothes cops and two other officers, Charles Jones IV and Christopher Evans, in hot water.”

When Frasier got home he found that the video had automatically been uploaded to his phone’s cloud storage. After all the uproar across the country from Missouri to New York, Frasier felt a need to share the video with Denver’s local Fox TV affiliate. Now, the FBI is investigating the situation.

To watch the full investigative news report from the Fox Denver affiliate, click here

And remember, not much hides in the cloud.  

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