Cisco lawsuits aside, Arista forges ahead with EOS

Enhances switch operating system for DevOps as litigation awaits

As it faces down a litigious assault from rival Cisco, Arista Networks is enhancing its switch operating system to expedite DevOps deployments.

Arista this week unveiled EOS+, a version of the operating system with deeper programmability and pre-integrated applications for customizing the network and tightening its alignment with the workloads it supports. EOS is at the heart of at least three lawsuits – two from Cisco last week and another from a company founder – filed against Arista this year, its first as a public company.

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The EOS+ platform rollout includes:

  • EOS SDK, a software development kit allowing native access to all levels of EOS for custom development and integration with forwarding and routing stacks, including features such as MPLS.
  • vEOS, a virtual machine instance of EOS that includes the same control plane and management plane as the physical switches.
  • EOS Applications, pre-built integration with partner programs and DevOps systems, such as Puppet and Splunk for provisioning and monitoring.
  • And EOS Consulting Services, professional services for development of customized network automation.

The EOS SDK allows “do-it-yourself” customers to develop applications that integrate directly with the switch operating system. This can be used for customizing IP routing, defining selective workflow-based filtering, and analyzing data.

With vEOS, customers can develop and certify EOS in a virtual network environment with fewer physical switches required for test and certification. EOS network applications are designed to enable easier programmability at all levels of the stack, Arista says.

Example EOS Applications include ZTPServer for rapid, “zero touch” provisioning, and Arista’s Network Telemetry Application for Splunk Enterprise, which provides flow tracking, fault analysis, system logging, and other counter, logging and statistical data for capacity planning and network health monitoring.

EOS Consulting Services provides customers with access to Arista network developers to assist in implementing custom applications.

All EOS+ services are available now. EOS SDK and vEOS are included in the base EOS image. EOS Consulting Services pricing is engagement specific.

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