FIRST LOOK: IBM and Apple’s new enterprise apps for iOS

Business-focused apps for everything from social work to air travel.

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Getting work done

Apple and IBM announced a suite of powerful new business-focused mobile apps for iOS this week. While that shouldn’t really surprise anybody – smartphones and tablets have become increasingly central to the business world over the past few years – these apps have taken the possibilities a lot further than simply having email and a GPS in an employee’s pocket. Have a look.

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Advise and Grow

Bankers managing small business accounts are the target for Advise and Grow, which provides quick access to financial information and in-depth analysis on the fly. Handy for those site visits.

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Trusted Advice

For the slightly larger-scale banker, Trusted Advice offers a portfolio-modeling tool and a trove of slick visual aids.

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The insurance industry gets a handy new tool as well, with the Retention app – allowing agents to process a lot more information more quickly, and even offering recommended actions to handle problem clients.

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Incident Aware

Incident Aware is an attempt to provide a one-size-fits-all tracking and notification system for first responders of all stripes, helping them coordinate with each other. It even offers live video feeds, presumably from dash cams or helicopters.

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Continuing the string of oh-so-popular institutions, the airline industry also gets a couple of apps from Apple and IBM. Passenger+ is meant for flight attendants, and helps track VIPs, connecting flight information and even allows for rebooking of passengers in mid-air.

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Plan Flight

For pilots, there’s Plan Flight. This app calculates fuel usage, travel times and (obviously) flight plan information on the go, with the aim of reducing wasted fuel and ensuring more efficient air travel.

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Expert Tech

Expert Tech is aimed at the on-the-go technician, providing appointment tracking, technical data and road guidance. But they’ll still be there “between 10 and 2,” we’re guessing.

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Pick and Pack

Next up – the retail industry. Pick and Pack is designed to help navigate large amounts of product information and locate inventory within stores, the idea being to streamline tasks like staging pickup orders and deliveries.

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Sales Assist

If you’ve ever been a little weirded out by the precision of targeted advertising, hold on to your hat – Sales Assist puts that online experience into human form, letting sales associates locate you, check your purchase history and try to sell you more items based on that.

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Case Advice

Case Advice may be the only purely altruistic part of the new class of enterprise apps, providing a portal to large amounts of case information and records for social workers. At-risk people can be flagged, and histories checked quickly.

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