Infor’s future in the enterprise looks cloudy and bright

Charles Phillips, CEO of Infor, discusses the state of company’s cloud migration, the competitive landscape and why it prefers talking to line-of-business executives before selling to the CIO. He also discusses Infor’s big data/analytics strategy and the future of cloud pricing.

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Like other enterprise application companies, Infor built itself up through a slew of acquisitions that it has worked hard to unify. And, like other traditional software providers, Infor these days is working hard to move its customers to the cloud.

But the similarities end there, according to Infor CEO Charles Phillips. Phillips, who formerly served as Oracle’s co-president, says Infor has architected a cleaner, more modern integration framework for its apps that will pay big dividends for customers. He claims Infor has also crafted a future-proof cloud strategy that sets it apart not only from the Oracles and SAPs of the world but “cloud 1.0” SaaS companies as well. Add to that mix the company’s focus on serving a wide array of industry microsegments without the

cp inforceo headshot

Infor CEO Charles Phillips

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