Inateck BK1002/3E Wireless Keyboard

Using the power of Bluetooth with your tablet

I recently had the opportunity to become acquainted with Inateck's ultra-slim Bluetooth Keyboard. The keyboard is available in two models: the 1002E and 1003E. The difference is the color - the 1002E is white (to appeal to Apple users) and the 1003E is black for Windows and Android users. Likewise, the 1002E hot keys are customized for Apple products, while the hot keys on the 1003E are customized for Windows and Droid folks.

The keyboard uses Bluetooth 3.0 wireless technology and can run for over 60 hours using two AAA rechargeable batteries; it goes into sleep mode after being inactive for 10 minutes. (A USB power cable is included should you need to recharge the batteries.) The keyboard is sturdy and has a slight tilt to be ergonomic and reduce wrist pain. Similar to other keyboards of this size, the keyboard does not have a virtual numeric keypad - my only complaint. But I can't really fault Inateck for that as that doesn't seem to be a standard for keyboards of this size.

I first tested the keyboard by connecting it to a Dell laptop. The experience was seamless. I then connected it to my WinBook tablet with ease, and completed my experience by also pairing a Bluetooth mouse - the tablet is now obviously less portable. However, I could add a USB drive for storage and use my tablet as a backup system should my laptop decide to malfunction. I could also pair it to my phone, but thought that use was less practical than a tablet.

For more information, see Inateck's website. Available for order on Amazon.

Inateck BK1003E

Inateck BK1003E Bluetooth Keyboard


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