New products of the week 1.12.2015

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as WTI and Kesington.


New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

011215potw conexant

CX2072x and AudioSmart software

Key features – This new complete chip-software solution for tablets consists of an I2S Audio CODEC and Conexant’s AudioSmart software to achieve a 2x improvement in loudness in small, thin tablet speakers. More info.

011215potw decarta

deCarta L2 Geospatial Search Engine

Key features: Provides customizable local search for more than 140 countries, including Japan, using single line input to enable an intuitive user interface. Also includes wild card search and structured geocoding for those that prefer that model as opposed to L2’s standard free-form approach. More info.

011215potw adeptia

Adeptia Connect

Pricing:  First 2 connections are free, followed by a fee of $25 per connection per month or $500 per month for 50 connections.

Key features: Adeptia Connect is a cloud application that features an intuitive interface enabling business users to automate data connections with customers and partners instantaneously, all within the parameters set by IT. More info.

011215potw hjholdings

stories etc.

Key features: stories etc is an app that allows you and helps you tell your life stories in your own words, in your own voice. We will ask you questions about your life, from early years through current times, and life philosophies and wisdoms, etc. You push a button and answer the life questions (video, audio or text) and we will save them for you and roll them up to an e-book memoir. You can share them with anyone you wish. The stories etc platform is enabled through the Golden Section Technologies software. More info.

011215potw kensingtonmini

MiniSaver Mobile Lock

Key features: MiniSaver is a highly versatile security solution for on-the-go professionals who use ultra-thin, lightweight devices and need protection in the office, while working on the road and in public. More info.

011215potw kensingtonmouse

Kensington Pro Fit Wired Windows 8 Mouse

Key features: It features multi-function gesture button that lets users perform six specific actions that are typically associated with finger swipe. Also features high-definition sensor to track hand movements for precision control. More info.

011215potw mirantis

Mirantis OpenStack 6.0

Key features: Mirantis OpenStack 6.0, based on the latest release of Juno, is the first OpenStack distribution to let third-party vendors (like networking and storage) write plugins that install and run their products out-of-the-box on OpenStack cloud infrastructure. More info.

011215potw nomos 2

IoT Cloud Platform Suite

Pricing: The Easy IoT Package could be under $100 including Controller Hardware, RF radios and the software license, while the licenses for the IoT Development Platform depends on the quantity and could be in the lower two digits range, the System Integrator Tool license comes at $829.

Key features: IoT Software Platform Suite provides companies and OEMs with a seamless portal into the IoT market through a universal automation-software platform capable of controlling any device, regardless of communication protocols, standards or proprietary software. More info.

011215potw quayio

Key features: is a hosted private docker registry. New features include squashed images (experimental feature) for faster downloading, added build features for more control with build automation tools, and improved notifications for better team communications. More info.

011215potw speechtrans

SpeechTrans Bluetooth Wristband Watch

Key features: Answer phone calls, listen to music and access our phone’s contact list without taking the phone out of our pocket. The watch also works with a SpeechTrans Ultimate app that is available for Android and iPhones. Once activated, the app uses Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking to translate the language being spoken into one of 44 languages. More info.

011215potw startech

Conference Table Connectivity Box

Key features: Boardroom or classroom facilitators can build directly into their meeting room table, desk or podium to accommodate a wide variety of mobile device connections to a fixed HDMI display or projector. The connectivity box provides a centralized audio-video connection point for meeting rooms, classrooms and lecture halls and converts the signal output from a presenter’s laptop, Ultrabook or HDMI enabled tablet for use on an HDMI display or projector. More info.

011215potw ti rsm

Out of Band Console Access & Power Reboot Manager

Key features: Remote reboot control and console port access solution for distant network equipment sites. Also includes user-configurable response monitoring, alarm and notification functions plus event logging and enterprise management software. More info.

011215potw watchful

RightsWATCH 6.2.2

Key features: Enables a streamlined deployment of Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Azure Rights Management Services, greatly expanding the customization and dynamic policy capabilities for customers, mobile device support, and audit tracking. More info.

011215potw wti versatile

Versatile Power Redundancy Solution for Single Inlet Devices

Key features: An effective power redundancy solution without the need to replace existing 208 to 240 VAC, single inlet devices. Reliable automatic transfer switch includes eight C-13 outlets plus one C-19 outlet. More info.

011215 kensington keyboard

KP400 Switchable Keyboard

Key features: KP400 Switchable Keyboard enables user to alternate between wired and Bluetooth connectivity, and lets users work with laptop, tablet or even a smartphone. More info.