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SUSE Linux 12 challenges Red Hat

011915 suseslides 1

It’s been more than five years since SUSE delivered a full release of its Enterprise Linux software, and a lot has happened to the company during that time. But in our testing we find that SUSE 12 has been worth the wait.

SUSE 12 is a set of Linux distributions ranging from desktop through enterprise level. We tested several instances and found them quite ready for enterprise use, be they persistent or randomly instantiated as virtual machines.

Even though SUSE took seemingly forever to leap from SLES 11 to SLES 12 (Canonical, as an example, had four “full” releases in this time frame), SUSE hasn’t been asleep. Every single day like clockwork, we’ve received a SUSE patch/fix notification email, dutifully reminding us of recommended changes, large and small.

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