Tracking the botnets

SLIDEFEATURED PRODUCTS documents world drones activity. Not surprisingly, Beijing is a huge target. But the U.S. harbors a good share.

This mash-up of real time bot activity from Support Intelligence may take a few seconds to load. But watch as the dots come online and you begin to realize just how infested the U.S. has become. Watch it here.

The Department of Justice and the FBI say they believe there have been over a million victims of bots. In response, they’ve launched operation bot roast, in partnership with Microsoft and the  Botnet Task Force, to track down bothearders.

The Internet Security Systems X-Force spells out the current threat level. If bots are helping to spew a dangerous virus or other malware at this time, the overall threat level will be high.

F-Secure Security labs says that most malware will install autorun keys and values into the Windows registry to ensure they’ll boot after startup. This chart notes the most commonly used registry launch points.