11 corporate anthems to die for

Go ahead, sing along. You know you'll want to.


The list of mostly embarrassing songs high-tech companies insist on producing year in and year out is long and illustrious. Here are a few of our favorite corporate ditties.  I know there are tons more out there, send them along.  Cover your ears and sing along.

Salesforce.com?s son

Here we have a recent song from SalesForce.com: "Dev Life".  It contains the lyrics:

I'm coding Unix Windows Linux/I've got the dev life going mama/I'm like the coding Dalai Lama.

Coding like the Dalai Lama?! Yikes.

IBM cd cover art

IBM is arguably the leader in corporate sacred song producing. In order to keep employees motivated, Big Blue founder Thomas Watson Sr. collected songs employees had written about IBM into a book dubbed “Songs of the IBM,” which the company first published in 1927. Watson felt that song singing was a way to build character and instill company loyalty. “Songs of the IBM” included more than 80 IBM-specific ditties, including the rollicking rally song "Ever Onward IBM," written in 1931 by IBM-er Frederick Tappe.

Listen to the song here (.mp3)

Man in fujisu tshirt

Wheww, this one is hard on the ears. I think I hear sirens.

Listen here (.mp3)

Texas instruments logo

A long time ago in a far away land...sorry, I was drifiting.

Listen here (.mp3)

Checkpoint logo

Checkpoint secured the Internet? So, it's their fault! Let's sing.

Listen here (.mp3)

fist with symantec logo

Well if they lead the revolution with this ditty there would be revulsion.

Listen here (.mp3)

Richard Stallman Free software Song

Stallman breaks into song here for no apparent reason. You'll be wishing he had a reason and hand not broken into song after listening.

Sarbanes Oxley

I am just not sure the world is ready for this one.

Listen here (.mp3)

Ernst & Young

Need to listen closely to this one to really understand it. Once you do, you'll shut it off.

Listen here (.mp3)

Drupa 1986 song

This one holds together and was obviously thought out...well maybe it just holds together.

Listen here (.mp3)


OK. Last song people, get out the lighters. Don't burn anything.

Listen here (.mp3)