Best Tech-o-Lanterns 2013

We've updated our collection of cool, scary and fun pumpkin carvings from around the web, with social media and other topics trending hot.

Leave it to techies to show off their passions on their pumpkins, whether it’s paying homage to tech innovators, products or companies. Enjoy!

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Social media-themed jack-o-lanterns are all the rage, so we start you off with a few of these.


tech o lanterns

Do you like?


tech o lanterns

Good Twitter.

Credit: Paragon Digital

tech o lanterns

Bad Twitter.

Credit: Daniel Rothamel, Flickr

tech o lanterns

Creative Commons. Surprised we didn’t find more of these.

Credit: Maurice Svay, Flickr

tech o lanterns

Reddit gets some credit.

Credit: Casey Fleser, Flickr

tech o lanterns

Blog about it! WordPress pumpkin

Credit: Eric M. Martin, Flckr

tech o lanterns

Wi-Fi pumpkin

Credit: Jennifer Fowler, Flickr

tech o lanterns


Credit: Taraneh Tayaran, Flickr

tech o lanterns

Scrabble and Pi.

Credit: RA, Flickr

tech o lanterns

Couldn’t find a Windows 8 one…not sure what that says. Though we couldn’t find a Windows XP one either, which is probably good.

Credit: Alex Gorzen, Flickr

tech o lanterns

One more Windows. 7.

Credit: Donald Hester, Flickr

tech o lanterns

OK, you avoid emoticons while texting, but you can’t avoid them on Halloween.

Credit : Neal Gillis, Flickr

tech o lanterns

Minecraft pumpkin

Credit: 8r4d’s Gallery

Thinking you might not want to really put this iPad pumpkin case out on your stoop if you ever want to see your iPad again, but might be fun to use inside if you make sure the tablet doesn’t get oozed on. iPadEnclosures

What's good enough for an iPad is certainly good enough for an iPhone. iPhone Savior

Creepier version of an iPhone pumpkin. LenKendall via Flickr

Thinking different. iGadgetZone

iPhone jailbreakers get into the Halloween act.

Emory University students entered this pair o' bickering pumpkins at a farmer's market carving competition. Emory University

emoticon pumpkin

Carnegie Mellon computer science professor Scott Fahlman, creator of the emoticon, would be honored by Cooking for Engineers ' pumpkin entry.

XML pumpkin

This entry comes from " dretblog " -- Erik Wilde's Web and Information Architecture Musings. In his blog, Erik noted he had other coded-pumpkin ideas brewing: "We briefly discussed creating an isomorphic JSON pumpkin, but then dropped the idea because the curly braces would have stretched our carving skills too far."

The Death Star

Okay, this entry is not technically techie and more geeky -- but come on, this just rocks. And I dare any true techie out there who hasn't gone tricker-treating as Darth Vader.

Speaking of Darth Vader, we had to throw this one in from Geeks of Doom 's Pumpkin o' Doom.

The great RSS pumpkin

From Hil's opml blog : "A bit of nonsense for Halloween."

Steve Ballmer O\'Lantern

From Geek Culture : "Steve Ballmer O'Lantern...whoa, the stuff that nightmares are made of!"

This pumpkin PC used a Dell Latitude D410 motherboard. Unfortunately, the source site from University of Arkansas has been taken down -- especially a bummer as it had a step-by-step guide on how to make your own pumputer.


A gamer-geek entry for all you Super Mario Brother fans out there.

Source: Netorama

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Source: MIT


Source: MIT

Source: MIT

Source: Chiral

Source: NBC

Source: Tim Jon

Our favorite sarcastic Snowy Owl is honored here. For those not in the Internet-know, the phrase "O RLY?" is typically used in a sardonic manner, often in response to a statement that the speaker feels is obvious, or blatantly false and/or self-contradictory. Often "O RLY?" is used in response to a lengthy or overly detailed post. Like this slideshow?

This scary pumpkinhead from our 2006 Halloween costume contest is just one example of what can go wrong when you have too many RJ-45, RJ-11 and other network cable jacks lying around.

Pumpkin pi formula

Credit: Mathematical Association of America

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